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My name is Ian and I would like to thank you for finding your way to this page.  In September of 2012, I made a decision that would change my life forever.  Let’s take a step back….all the way back.

As a kid, I was always “bigger” than everyone else.  In elementary school I was overweight, I went to a small private school for the first 3 years of schooling and it wasn’t horrible but I was still made fun of.  I can still remember sometime around second or third grade I had to go to a counselor because I was being made fun of in school and it was causing me to act out.  Instead of her giving me advice on how to handle the bullying, she suggested I maybe just at less.  “Instead of having 2 cheese burgers maybe have just one.”  Still, to this day, I remember her saying that to me.  I don’t remember anything else from the meeting but I remember that and it has stuck with me.

After the third grade, I moved to a new town and new school and I had a whole new group of friends.  I found great friends and really enjoyed my new town and school.  There were a few kids that made fun of me at this new school but they weren’t my friends so I tried not to let it get to me too much.  Through middle school though we had new students that came in and the bullying seemed to escalate a bit.  I remember a kid giving me a nickname at the pool “double D”.  I thought it was so cool this older kid gave me a nickname, little did I know what he meant by it.  It still amazes me how mean people can be to one another.  Somewhere along the way I figured out if I made fun of myself, I would beat everyone else to the punch line and it would make it easier.  This is how I proceeded through middle school and early high school.

I played sports all through elementary, middle and high school, which helped me find my true friends who I still have today.  These friends really pulled me through high school and we were very close through graduation.  Upon graduation, that’s when things started to take a turn down a dark road.  All of my friends left and went away to school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I stayed home.  They were all in college out partying and making new friends and I felt like I was left behind now at home, back to being on my own.  It was around this time that I discovered the mixture of alcohol and sleeping pills.  It was my bridge to get back to bed because I was unhappy with myself and what was going on in my life at that point and time.

Prior to September of 2012, I was going down a path that was a dark, dark road.  I was mixing my own cocktail of wine, sleeping pills and various other options in order to sleep.  I felt like crap, I ate like crap and I was just leading a crap life, to be honest.  I got into two situations that let me know I needed to make a change…..Unfortunately, the first one didn’t set off an alarm.  In the first instance of over drinking I made a pretty big fool of myself at a friends wedding.  Although they said I “wasn’t that bad” I knew it was pretty bad.  In the next instance, I had just gone through a bad blow out with my then girl friend on my way out with friends….One thing led to another and I found myself wandering the streets of West Chester PA with no idea how I got there, where I was or what was going on.  That was it!

Upon seeking advice from a very close friend I began working out.  I was performing cardio four to five times a week.  I began to add weight lifting and the pounds continued to drop.  Soon, however, I realized that I was working without a goal.  I had always loved swimming, began to find my love of running and always knew had to ride a bike.  THAT’S IT!! I’ll compete in a triathlon.  What in the world was I thinking, I wasn’t…When I registered for the race I was still overweight.  I had been watching my eating, I was making gains in my fitness and I knew with this new goal, I would stop at nothing.  The pounds continued to drop and the race was getting closer and closer.  I had a few opportunities to race sooner than in Atlantic City but I decided against it.  It was not due to preparation, I knew I could do it, I just wanted AC to be my first and it was.

One year later and 100lbs pounds lighter I competed in the Atlantic City International Triathlon.  With a 5th place age group finish, I had found my new obsession, triathlons.  Today I live, eat, sleep, and breath triathlons with the hope of one-day hearing those four famous words, “Ian, You ARE an Ironman!”

More importantly, my goal today is to motivate and inspire others to change their lives.  I am here to help in any way that I possibly can.  Interacting with my followers on all social media is my oxygen.  I love hearing others stories, helping people and meeting others through this sport of triathlon.  Please feel free to contact me and I will offer any help I can!

I do not post on here daily but feel free to keep up with me elsewhere!

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