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How It All Started

So I started this whole little thing on Tumblr about two weeks or so ago and I decided to move over to Blogger.  Why I am not sure, just like the layout of Blogger a little better and it is a bit more customizable than Tumblr is, I digress.

I am sitting in class on this Wednesday morning just before Easter and I feel trapped.  Trapped for multiple reasons.  One being I am trapped inside this dungeon of a class room in this creepy old building.  I am supposed to be inserting sound clips into a power point for practice, however I forgot my headphones so no such luck for me.  So instead I have chosen to vent, call me a bitcher, complainer, whatever you want really but quite frankly, I don’t care.

As the sun starts to poke through the windows a bit here I can’t help but start itching to get to the gym.  I am looking up new workouts and thinking about the last day of this 12 week transformation that is on deck for today.  I DID IT!!!  My first ever 12 week transformation and I finished, to the end.  It is pretty amazing to me, one of the first times I actually saw something through to the end.  It is symbolic in a way for me believe it or not.  I always talked about how I wanted to change, I wanted to look better, I wanted this and I wanted that.  That’s all it was though, just simply talking and not doing.  For once though I stepped up to the plate and gotta a shot at it and believe me I took it.  Thanks to the help of some wonderful friends for putting up with me and seeing me through to the end of this first 12 weeks, I am excited for the next 12 weeks or whatever may pop up.

Lastly, going back to feeling trapped.  Aside from being trapped in this stupid classroom, I still feel a bit trapped in this body of mine.  Its not really mine anymore, but my body isn’t up to where my head is, but I gotta take my time here.  I will get there slowly but surely, but hey that is the right way to do it.  Aside from feeling trapped in those two things, has anyone else felt trapped in a situation or a habit?  Trapped to a person or feeling or something, just trapped.  It’s tough and I can’t seem to shake it recently.  Makes me wonder sometimes, but I’m just steady maintaining here.  Making progress and FSU.

Today I advise you to go out and try something you never thought you could do.  Recently I have been surprising myself day in and day out, running further, running faster, swimming longer and God damn it feels awesome.  Not for anyone else though, but for myself, cause that’s who I’m doing it for, MYSELF

Happy Wednesday and Happy Easter to all, Have a blessed holiday!

Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

Over and Out