Feeling the Easter Blues

Today is Easter Monday and as I sit here in the computer lab that has no windows or views to anything going on outside I could honestly careless at this point.  Somewhere between last Friday (Good Friday) and today I acquired this wonderful cold.  Coughing, sniffles, the whole nine.  Needless to say, I over slept, skipped working out today and have eaten basically toast with jelly today.  But hey its part of life, I’ll stop bitching and move on.

Yesterday was Easter and aside from the amazing Italian dinner prepared by Mimi, we got to see some family and all that good stuff.  I played a round of golf with a good buddy and his dad and we had a great time.  I hadn’t seen his dad in quite some time and so he was impressed with how I have transformed thus far and it was great to hear his compliments.  I also saw my uncle for the first time in awhile and although he can be a complete knucklehead from time to time I really do respect him and look up to him at times.  Last night just as I was leaving he grabbed my hand with his arm around me and said “Hey man I’m proud of you, you’re doing great! Keep it up”  Comments like that are what keep me going day in and day out.  Call me ungrateful or a douche or whatever you want but I hate comments like “You look great!”  Oh gee thanks, was I not attractive before just because I weighed more then?! I don’t know it just pisses me off, but it’s probably because I am a weirdo.

Anyway I hope whoever comes across this had a wonderful Easter and is ready to forge on toward whatever it is you are focused on.  Keep your eyes on the prize my friends, whatever it is I promise you all we will get there!  Keep fighting that good fight!

FSU and Do It For Yourself

Over and Out

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