Are You a Trathlete?

It’s Sunday, the day of rest for me.  Not every Sunday is a day of rest for me, however last night I worked an after prom party until about 2:30 am so naturally I was tired.  As a rewind through this past week I am starting to realize how fast life is moving and I am super glad that I have made this choice to change and live it to the fullest. 

This week went fast and there was a lot going on.  With lesson plans and tons of things due at school, it was hard to find some time to get to the gym and workout.  I have been doing a lot of cardio to get my endurance up for my race in September.  Lots of long runs and long swims mixed with a few short more intense days.  Going to be adding some spin classes here and there to get some more bike work in.  I gotta get back to the weights though!!  I did a 12 week transformation with one of my friends starting in January and I have only hit the weights a few times since I finished that up and I miss it!  You can’t beat the high you get after a real solid lift!

Something happened for the first time this week and as lame as it sounds, it felt AWESOME!!  I was swimming at the Y and when I stopped to grab a drink the guy next to me said “Hey man are you a triathlete?” I paused before I responded and told him that I was in the making and I had my first race in September.  It felt awesome though, on this journey I have said many times to a friend of mine that all I wanted to do was be a “Tri Guy” and it felt great to have an unofficial welcoming to the sport and the family. 

I am on the pursuit on getting my road bike and getting it up to speed.  This new hobby is more expensive than I could have imagined but I am picking up extra shifts at work and cutting back on other things to help reach this goal.  I will not stop at what I want to do and I can’t wait to get the bike road ready and go for that first ride!

If there is one thing that I can take away from this week it would definitely be that you can make excuses to get out of things or you can make things happen.  There were 1,000 times last week where I wanted to throw my hands up and say “F THIS!!!” but when you get to the gym or the park(which by the way as a side note, I have found a park with a huge inside loop and I take my agility ladder and make my own circuit, SO MUCH FUN!!) or where ever you’re going and start you feel 100X better than when you got there I can promise you that!  Get out there and do it! You will feel so much better!  I am not the smartest, not the best, brightest what have you but I can tell you that I do have experience and I am willing to help whoever wants to ask in whatever way I can!

Do It For Yourself and Keep FSU

Until next time

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