Watch What Ya Say and How You Say It

So first of all, did my spin class today…holy workout!  It was AWESOME and I am so glad I did it and I am absolutely going back!!  Great workout and great conditioning for my race so I am all about it now.  Branch out, maybe you’ll find something new that you really enjoy.  Worst comes to worst you get a great workout right?

Now on to the real reason I am writing today, only one day after my last post.  One because I am starting to really enjoy this blogging thing, a little more than I thought to be honest.  It is a nice release for me some times and I actually enjoy it. 🙂 Reason number two is slightly more in depth than that however.  Since I started this journey on this road to a new life I have run into people who I have not seen in quite some time.  Upon running into those people they go one of two ways.  Option 1, they have no idea who I am and thus don’t say a word and just keep on moving, which is fine with me because it gets me out of conversations I don’t want to have.  Option 2, the “compliment” me on how I have changed.  Now we are getting to the real meaty part of this post.  You may be wondering why I put quotes around compliment…?  Well that is because some people say things and you would just rather they not say anything at all.  I have come to learn that people really just don’t know what to say and instead of just keeping their mouth shut, they say something stupid. 

Now let me pause for a minute and address a few things.  I am a very humble person and I never give myself credit for anything.  I don’t think what I am done is amazing, inspiring or anything like that.  I look at it as I am bettering myself so that I can be a better professional and example for my students.  Plus you only get one body so you might as well take care of it.  I am also just offering this point of view as food for thought to people who may run in to someone who has made some significant changes and they are then in the shoes of saying something. 

Now the one comment that I get quite often and have learned to take it just at face value is “You look amazing!”  Just hear me out here.  Before I started this journey I wasn’t the most attractive guy on earth but hell, that’s why I am a teacher and not a male model getting paid to have my picture taken.  However, I must say and you can politely disagree that I was far from the dude they kept locked in the basement in The Goonies.  So this comment can be a double edged sword.  It leads me to think well did I look worse than I thought before I started this?  Am I really THAT much better looking that I am now amazing? Or was I just that bad looking? Etc. etc.  I am not saying I don’t appreciate people noticing the hard work I have put in or things of that nature however I do wish people would come up with some different things to say. 

I don’t want anyone who reads this to take it the wrong way, I am not some air head, cocky SOB who feels like everyone should give me great compliments on the things I have done because that is not the case at all.  I don’t think I should get any credit for doing anything because this is what you are supposed to do.  You are supposed to take care of your body and treat it right.  I am just offering a different point of view and playing devil’s advocate because for those of you who have read my posts, you know I tend to over think.

Regardless, happy Monday all, thanks for reading!

Do It For Yourself and keep FSU

Until next time

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