Lets Do This!

I could go on and on complaining about today already and it isn’t even half over!  Rainy, Monday, longest day of the week for me and so on….. BUT I have better news!  Last Friday I received a text from one of my very good friends.  She was inquiring about my running and asked if she thought I could run 10 miles.  I have not gone more than 5 as of recent but I said I felt pretty confident that I could.  She proceeded to tell me that her running buddy is in a boot for at least a month and won’t be able to do the Broad Street run this Sunday May 5th.  Cue the good news, I am doing the Broad Street Run!!  This is a HUGE milestone for me and words can not even convey the excitement, nervousness and everything else that goes along with your first race!  The most exciting part though, this girl is awesome and has been pushing me and helping me through everything life has to throw my way.  We have been really good friends and really close for a number of years now and to think that we get to share this huge milestone together is amazing and I can’t wait!!

As for the rest of the weekend, nothing to exciting came up, just business as usual so to speak.  Work work and more work to gather every penny I can because this hobby is getting so damn expensive!  It also keeps me busy and keeps me out of trouble 😉 well for the most part that is.  When I got to work on Friday I was talking with a parent of one of my clients and I shared with him that I was doing broad street.  He is a HUGE runner and triathlete.  It’s funny but he seemed super excited for me and he really put my mind at easy that I was going to be able to complete this race and not die.  He then asked how long I thought it would take and explained gels to me and that I should look into getting one for Broad Street because it would be longer than and hour run for me.  As if taking the time to explain these things to this rookie wasn’t enough he says “Wait!” and reaches in his bag and tosses me a gel and says here give this a try on Sunday when you do your long run!  It was so kind and generous and the people in this triathlon community are awesome.

That is until Sunday when I awoke to see what I was made of!  I knew I had a week before the race and I had to see how far I could run before I went to work.  I knew if I could swing 7-8 miles I would be fine for the race next weekend.  So I packed my cooler(never leave the house without food, ESPECIALLY when headed to work) and headed out.  I ran in the park that surrounds the health club where I work and around the neighborhoods and road etc.  Hit my 8 miles and I felt phenomenal.  Never in my life did I think I would wake up and say “You know what, I’m gonna go run 8 miles today.” It is just an amazing feeling and I can’t believe it.  I want all of you to experience the same feeling and if you’re putting in work you will get it, I promise you that.  It may not be right when you want it but when it hits you will feel untouchable.

Everything after that was normal, I returned to spin class today as promised.  That will be the last “hard” thing I do for the week.  Things will be easy from here on out and minimal until the race on Sunday.  This is going to be hard for me because I HATE taking time off but this will be for the better.

Have a good week and try to avoid the rain drops.

Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

Until next time……

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