Inspiration? Must Have the Wrong Guy

Today is Friday! YEEEEE!!  Hard to believe it is May for one.  Also hard to believe I am wrapping up my last semester as an undergrad….Honestly can’t wait to get the F out of here!  The weather today is absolutely beautiful and it is the first day I am able to wear flip flops so needless to say my little heart is all kinds of happy.

Started a new program yesterday that incorporates cardio acceleration and it is an incredible workout.  You are constantly moving the whole time and I have had a blast the past two days doing it!  People look at you a little weird when you run in place after you just pumped out a set, but I am not all that worried about it haha.  Maybe someone will ask about it and then they can learn something new, that would be cool!

SO down to the nitty gritty of this post.  YESTERDAY!  I wanted to write this post so bad last night because I feel like I will miss something now but I was slammed at work and I just didn’t get around to it.  It was my last class with a professor who I have had a bond with since the minute I met her.  We just hit it off and we got along really well and I have enjoyed every class with her since two semesters ago.  She was giving me flack for not wearing my medal for her on Tuesday so I wore my broad street shirt for her.  So I said to her “Look I wore my shirt just for you!”  She breaks into a conversation with me about that race and my upcoming race in September….Someone interested in something I’M doing??  Hmmm interesting but I’ll go with it. 

Someone in the class over heard our conversation and jumped in..TWO people now interested in what I’m doing!  So we just hung-out and talked about races and everything in between.  They both asked me to keep things updated on Facebook and let them know how the training is going.  Molly even said she would come to the race! That was super cool, if you read the Broad Street Run post you’ll know that having people there for you is very powerful.  Just before I left my professor said I think it’s awesome what you’re doing and it is really INSPIRATIONAL… There is that word again! Me? No way, I am just having a good time enjoying my life Dr. J!

So after class I went home, packed my cooler, grabbed my water jug and headed over to the gym.  Hit the workout and then made my way down to the pool to start work(I am a swim instructor and yes I love it).  So as I was getting my things together for my students I had my whey and my BCAA for post workout.  Mind you I am not into crazy test boosters, and this crap and that.  I stick with the basics here.  So naturally this chick walks out of the office(can’t stand her FYI) and sees that I have two shakers on the table.  So she starts to give me crap… I am just trying to enjoy my chicken and recover real quick before I get in the pool and she has gotta give me flack about my shakers, REALLY?!  So I just brush it off and continue to enjoy my delicious food…

Side not here, the girl who is in charge of inservice is sitting at the table as well.  Mind you when I started working here I was in a bit of a bad spot, so I may or may not have been a total ass. Just sayin… So I didn’t get off on the best foot with this chick…

Anyway she starts to stick up for me…….WAIT WHAT?! If I said this girl hated my guts at one point and time it would be and understatement.  Now all of the sudden she is sticking up for me and saying how its pretty cool how I have a plan and stick to it when it comes to my nutrition….Wait for it… “He’s pretty inspiring…” AND AGAIN!!  at this point I just don’t even know what to do with myself.  So not only do two people think that I am in some way shape or form inspiring but the only chick legit hated me and now has respect for me!  It was just an all around amazing feeling.  Call me crazy, guess what, I DON’T CARE we have already come to the conclusion that everyone is crazy in some way shape or form.  Embrace it and love it for what it is!

So aside from this exciting news(I mean I thought it was cool so that’s all that matters) there is not much else going on.  Class around 2, then off to work for the night.  Work tomorrow in the morning and then my Praxis II exam at 1 in the afternoon(feeling indifferent about that).  If I pass then I pass, if not oh well, get em again tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading, if you read, if not thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend and make someone smile today 🙂

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself


See didn’t I tell you that I would forget something! And for me it was the coolest part of this whole day and I somehow still forgot it!!
Anyway, there is a guy who works out at my gym and he’s ripped, to say the least… I am not quite sure what he does, he’s there a lot mid day or early afternoon, drives a beautiful Benz and is covered in tattoos. Did I mention he also has a sneaker collection? We aren’t just talking a few pairs here, I’m talking every pair of Jays that come out, he has em. Anyway I digress. So he noticed the other day that I had cut weight which was cool in and of it self. When I was talking with him I told him I was doing Broad Street. So when I saw him after the race he asked how it went. I told him real well and I finished in 1:38 and some seconds. So he asked again how long it was. I’ll remind you that he is covered in tattoos so there isn’t much he cares about haha. He says “are you f’ing kidding me? That’s so awesome dude, I ran like 2.5 miles the other day and it took me about 30 mins. I respect that!”  Why not just take an air pump and stick it right in my ear and turn it on. Here I am thinking man this dude is ripped up, I wanna be like that and in the same breath he thinks something I did was awesome!  What and incredible feeling that was I must say!  Just wanted to add this because it was so awesome for me. 
Thanks =]

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