Going Down!

So here I am hanging out on a Wednesday night.  Not much is going on today.  I ran some errands, got some new clothes and did my workout before work.  I hit vitamin shop because I needed some more BCCA’s and I was a little confused.  I have been using USP Laps BCCA and I just felt like I was going through it so fast.  I did my homework when I bought it and knew it was the best bang for your buck and it had the highest ratio.  Training for my tri leads to a lot of cardio and so I do not want my body to become catabolic which is why I use a BCAA.  After talking with the employee there I stuck with the same product I have been using.

After My vitamin shop trip I ran over to Kohl’s because I needed an orange shirt for this weekend.  When I grabbed my shirt I picked up a size smaller than what I usually wear which was an XL.  I grabbed a size 36 pants and went on my way to try them on.  I slipped on the new stuff and look in the mirror.  Still….TOO BIG!! It was an incredible feeling.  I went back out and still grabbed another size smaller!  At this point I was at a large shirt and size 34 shorts.  It was incredible, I can’t even describe how amazing it felt.  AGAIN all that hard work paid off!! When little things like this happen it just makes you feel amazing.  It’s funny how it all works but I love it to be honest and I wouldn’t trade these little moments for anything!

I had an incredible workout today and I am so happy that I discovered this plan.  It kicks my butt every single day that I try it.  I thin a huge part of this is that I have the drive to go in and get every single thing I can out of my workout everyday.  It is a huge success to walk out of the gym feeling like you gave it everything you had. 

Last night I got a text regarding my bike which is a work in progress.  The guy who is putting it all back together for me rides for a local shop and I am so blessed to have his help through all of this.  His shop has donated a brand new set of tires for the bike and they are allowing him to use his team discount to order the necessary parts to get it road ready.  I CANNOT wait to get my hands on this thing and start riding.  For some reason I am just so incredibly excited to be the person I used to make fun of.  No I will not allow myself to become the guy who wears cycle shoes to spin class but I will be riding on the road so i have tried to become more understanding when I come up on a biker on the road.  I just can’t describe how blessed I am to have people like this in my life and I am going to do anything I can to give back to people the way they have given to me.

I don’t have much to say today, I still haven’t taught myself how to jump rope, but I did but a jump rope.  That’s a step right!?!?  Tomorrow I have a long day ahead of me but it is the only thing standing between me and the incredible weekend that is on tap.  I hope all my readers have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you next week!

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