Weekend Warrior

So I am sitting here in my hotel room in Chambersburg PA, ever heard of it? Yeah didn’t think so….  I am here for the weekend, well was kind of, I am going home tomorrow.  I came here to see some people who I haven’t seen since this time last year.  It weird to look back because a year ago at this time I was in a very different spot.  The people who I see everyday or just about everyday can see some changes and are amazed and support me fully in what I have been doing.  These people haven’t seen me for an entire year and had no idea that I have embarked on this journey. 

I got here Friday and the response from most if not all of the guys was just complete amazement.  They wanted to know the who, what, when, why, where and how of everything.  Just about every hand I shook, they said that I looked great and completely amazing.  Now let me side track for a minute and reference a blog that I had posted a little while back on this comment.  I know I went off about it, but for some reason it was different this time.  It was sincere and it was a compliment and it made me feel AMAZING!  They actually seem to care about what I am doing and why and that makes me feel good.  On Friday one guy who came up to me really motivated me and gave me a nice push and he probably didn’t even know it.  He made it a point to come over and say that I looked really good and he thought it was awesome what I was doing.  He was asking what I had been doing and was legitimately INTERESTED in what I had to say.  it was magnificent and I loved every second of it!

Today, Saturday May 18, I woke up and had some breakfast.  As you can guess no it was not hotel breakfast.  I brought tons of food with me for this weekend, which I of course was laughed at for, so that I did not get off track.  I cooked plenty of chicken, brought my snack mix, natural peanut butter, rice, the whole nine.  After scarfing down some breakfast I strapped up and decided to head out on the road for a nice little run around town. 

My buddy was here with me and he was in the room as I laced up my kicks.  The guys around the hotel were cracking beers and laughing at me as I walked out the door for my run.  I headed out and did this 1.5 mile loop to find a neighborhood.  Neighborhoods are definitely my friend when running in areas I do not know well.  I do not like running on the road where there is next to no shoulder.  The neighborhood has some absolutely BEAUTIFUL houses and it was a nice little loop to hit as well. 

After I put in about five miles and some changed I decided it was time to head back to my room and get cleaned up for the day.  I had to laugh a little when I got back because my buddy was taking a nap and I just finished up a five mile run!  As I walked out on to the balcony I got some looks like what is wrong with this dude?!?!  Most of the dudes had blood shot eyes and were moving a little slow to say the least.  So I stretched out and got my shower to clean up for the day.  As I stoop on the balcony I thought to myself holy cow…I never thought I would be that guy who woke up and went for a run as everyone else was still asleep nursing their hangover or up starting to drink again.  Let me tell you thought as they looked over at me with amazement, I felt just as awesome as ever because it felt like I had succeeded yet again!

The trend continued for this day, more questions and more people who were interested in what I was doing and why.  It’s funny because I have learned along this journey that there are people who knew the old you(I feel like I can say I have and old me and a new me at this point) and people who see the new you.  Most people ask what you have been doing, why, how, etc.  Then there are people who ACTUALLY care about what you have been doing.  To me there is a huge difference, there are people who care about what you have done and then there are people who actually care about what you have been doing.  There are people who want details so that they can turn around and gossip about it and then there are people who actually want to know.  I am not sure if I am making the difference clear but you will see along your journey what I mean. 

It has been a VERY long year since this all started but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I have gained some new friendships and really strengthened some old ones.  For the first time I feel and can see that there are actually people out there who care, which in a way I didn’t see before.  When you start making changes for yourself there are people who will laugh and talk and gossip to try and keep up.  On the flip side of the coin there are people who will care and support you in what you are doing and those people will become your ride or die crew.  The best piece of advice I can give you is one don’t give up.  Someone said to me today “keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way!”  Man was that powerful!  Set a goal and don’t change it! Make it a realistic and achievable goal, don’t go crazy and make it something where you will ultimately fail because that will set you back so far.  However, don’t short change yourself, make it something that you have to fight for.  The best things in life aren’t going to come free!  Whatever you do, don’t ever give up and don’t stop chasing what you are after.

I am going to turn in and get some sleep, I have a long day tomorrow.  Thank you for reading and I hope that you are taking steps to get closer to whatever it may be that you are doing.  I may not be able to help you and I may not be the best but don’t give up.  Take it from someone who never thought they would be that guy who would run, lift, and be obsessed about what they are eating.  Just don’t ever give up!

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

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