A little of this and a little of that

So this post will probably take me awhile but I want to make sure to get all the things out there that I have in my head. As you probably already know, there’s a lot going on up there! Haha

So it’s Monday May 20th. I am coming off an awesome weekend away! Had a blast with my buddy all weekend, yeah the same one who left me high and dry on the run! Haha just kidding 😉 I was showered over with compliments and boy did it feel great!  I’m not someone who goes fishing for compliments or needs them just to get through the day. HOWEVER I will have you know, I do love me a good compliment now and again :). Other than that, it was a pretty standard weekend away. A hell of a lot of  NOTHING to do in Chambersburg PA that’s for sure. 
Today is a pretty standard Monday for me, got up and made breakfast. Decided I should probably go green smoothly to detox some of the crap that was in my system. I only cheated twice, but my theory is if you’re going to cheat, ya gotta at least make it count! So I had a big ole burger one night and some chicken wings the other. Nothing too crazy though. I have learned through this little journey that for me if I have a craving for something, I eat it. If I want a cookie I have one, or ice cream or candy, etc. If I deprive myself from things like this then all I do is think about it for the next three or four days.  Cue the downward snowball effect now and next thing you know I’m eating and entire box of cookies as opposed to just eating one when I had the craving for it. As I have said before I’m not the best out there, hell I don’t even know half the things some do, but I have experienced it, I have lived it, so hey maybe I know a little something. 

Here is my delicious smoothie from this morning:

1/3 cup each of avocado, strawberries, and blueberries. 1 green apple and a little bit of water BOOM!

After I devoured this deliciousness I headed out the door to work. I jumped in the car and poked around my radio stations, then comes Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and I about lost it. It’s incredible how one song can take you back to this spot in your life where you were and you feel everything you felt in that moment. I hate it and I love it all at the same time. This song was probably one of the first songs someone said they thought about me when they heard and so they would sing it to me or text me the lyrics, blah blah blah, I won’t sit here and bore you with the details of it. It’s just crazy how the words took me right back to that point. Now why am I telling you about this you may ask?  I am not really sure, I just need to get it off my chest to be honest and this is my outlet for one. For two its the third or fourth time in less than 24 hours something has happened and I’ve immediately thought of…well yeah you can guess by now. 

I guess the other reason I bring this up is because it ties in to what one of the guys said to me this weekeend in a way. If you’ll remember he said “don’t let anything or anyone get in your way!”. When it comes to something like this, something that takes a lot of focus out of you sometimes it can be hard to not let thing get in your way. Especially when you’re talking about feelings. Like I said before I’m taking everything careful but I’m certainly not brushing it under the rug, everything happens for a reason. Along with that I came to the conclusion that with this sport, it is about 10-20% training and probably 80-90% mental. It takes a huge toll on you mentally to stay on track and stay dedicated to what you want. But when you want something as bad as you need to breath you will make it happen!

This weekend was a reminder that I am doing great things and I CANNOT and WILL NOT give up!  The motivation that I got to keep going was incredible and I loved it. I needed it and it was absolutely the perfect push. This game is so mental and when someone gives you that push by showing they care, it amazing. I would love to have the effect that these people have had on me on someone else. That would make me successful. That would be just absolutely amazing. 

Well I am done work and done what I think is everything I had to say so it’s time to pack it in and go hit the road for a little run!  Thanks for reading, come back again 🙂

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

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