No Days Off

I am sitting outside listening to all of the little teens riding around on their golf carts and I decided to write something up. We are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and boy was it a journey to get down here. This year was our first year towing our camper down. We left on Friday and headed straight for 95 south. I was so excited to get to the beach. Fresh off a trip to the mall with some new clothes that fit I couldn’t wait to get here and show everything off. That was quickly put to a stop one hour into our road trip when the wheel flew off the camper. And hour or so later we had the camper on a flat bed and we were turning around to head home. Just as I am sure my parents felt, I felt defeated. We had to turn around and go home only to answer to neighbors as to why we weren’t at the beach.

I woke up the next day and there was a weird feeling flowing throughout the house. No one had any answered or knew what was going on. I laced up my shoes and decided I needed to go for a run. On that run I PR my 10K time and felt amazing. When I got back and showered I got word it was time to go get the camper and start our road trip again. FINALLY! We were on the road again and heading as far as we could. We made it down passed Fredericksburg VA and just as we were pulling into the hotel parking lot we blew out the other tire on the camper. SERIOUSLY?! The devil so did not want us to get to the beach!
After waiting a few hours we found an extremely nice guy who came and slapped two brand new tires on the camper and we were off on the road again. We arrived here in myrtle beach safe and sound thankfully and got everything set up. Although we were here, things felt different. It wasn’t the same as years past. None the less we got here and it was a week away from the stresses of work and home. 
I woke up and took my new bike for a spin. What a beautiful ride!  It’s funny because I have never woken up to go workout in years past. I always just rolled out of bed and headed straight for the beach. Like I said though this year is different. I am running, riding, and practicing yoga down here. I find myself in a different position but I like this position MUCH more than the years before. Yes my family laughs at me but they also know how far I have come. 
Yesterday I went to the lazy river that is here in the campground. I work in a public pool so I know a thing or two about them. For one when I show up to a public pool I automatically start people watching. I watch children more than their own parents and within 5 minutes of being there I can tell you who is a “high risk.”  Against my better judgement I grabbed a float and jumped in. Things were going great until it was time to get out. When I got out I looked over and saw a girl looking at me and laughing. She immediately said something to her friend who in turn looked over at me am began to laugh. I’m not an idiot, I’ve gone through this for years and I knew exactly what was going on….the funny thing is, they have no idea how far I have come. Losing 85 pounds did not come easy. They don’t know the stresses and strain that I have gone through. REGARDLESS of what they think I was proud of myself although that moment sucked. I am going to continue on my journey and I will become a triathlete come hell or high water. 
Last night I also had a conference call with my aunt and some others for a product called Zrii. From what I have read this sound like a great product that I could benefit from and I am certainly going to look into it further. Again I was on a conference call trying to better myself regardless of being on vacation. I am excited for the things to come and you should be to. I had a friend message me who read my blog. She said 
Yo freaky, I couldn’t sleep last night so I took a look at your latest blog. You literally brought me to tears with your story about going to the store. Shopping is every heavy persons hell! Jus wanted to say that I’m so happy for you! You should feel so accomplished and proud of yourself! Enjoy your vacation with your new bod!”
Holy cow was that a reality check. For one I had no idea that more people I thought read this. Two I didn’t know that the things I wrote we’re that powerful and I am so grateful that I can effect people in that way. I thank everyone for reading and the constant support they give me. You all are incredible and you are what keeps me going. I thank each and every one of you. 

This is me in my new “bod” and my new tank. 
Despite what it took to get to where I am and what it took to get to the beach I am not stopping. I see new changes every single day and I feel incredible. I am excited to learn more about Zrii and what it can do for my training. I am also excited for where my training will go and bettering myself for the race come September. Keep checking in and I promise to keep y’all up to date. Probably should have written my paper for school instead of this post but tomorrow is another day ;). 
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself. 

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