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Well vacation has come and gone.  With a bit of a rocky start getting down there we lost a few beach days.  This also meant a few days of riding for me, but I still got out.  Overall we had a good vacation.  It wasn’t one for the record books by any means, but we had a great time.  Our “neighbors” were two women we met in a previous trip there and they are absolutely amazing! So glad we had a chance to see them again!

I believe I wrote a post on Tuesday Wednesday when I was down there.  So Thursday we woke up and played a round of golf with my Dad.  It was a little chilly in the morning but ended up being a very nice day.  We came back and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us and I lost another day on the beach so I went shopping with my grandparents. 

Friday I woke up and I was just delaying the inevitable.  I knew it was our last day and I didn’t want to waste a minute on the beach.  As much as I didn’t want to I geared up for a ride.  Boy am I glad I did!! I had a beautiful ride through the town of Myrtle Beach and back totaling just under 23 miles according to my Strava! It was a beautiful ride and I am so glad that I went.  For the first time I felt like a “real rider.”  What is that feeling, well don’t ask me because I can’t tell you but I sure did feel it!  I was just cruising along with cars going right next to me, which was the one thing I was nervous about.  For those of you who don’t know the town of Myrtle Beach well, there is a very high population of campers.  The first time that HUGE truck went wizzing by with a camper right next to me I was definitely a little nervous!

I came back from my ride and headed straight to the beach and stayed there for as long as I possibly could.  For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a complete beach bum and I LOVE the beach! We came back and had dinner and then I went back out Friday night.  As I was leaving my little cousin Nicholas asked me where I was going(he is only 2).  I told him I was going shopping and asked if he wanted to come, I promised him ice cream if he was good.  So of course he jumped at the choice, LITERALLY, he jumped off the steps into my arms!  So off we went.  We got to the stores and I plopped him up on my shoulders.  He was an absolute angel the entire time so of course I bought him ice cream. 

Here’s the little dude digging into his Ben and Jerry’s.  He carried that silly little drink umbrella around all night!

Our return trip Sunday was much better than the trip down.  No blown tires or craziness to get there.  We got home and unpacked everything and had some dinner.  My mom asked me what I wanted and after that week I just had some chicken and salad.  There were QUITE a few cheat meals down there!  After that I just went to bed, I was exhausted.

Today I got up and went to church as I do every Sunday.  I actually saw a neighbor there and she said “You look amazing! I saw you running the other day!” Then after church one of the ushers stopped me and asked if I had been working out so I explained I was training for a triathlon.  He expressed that he thought that was great and said how he always feels better when he works out.  I agreed with him and said there was no better feeling!

I came home and was back and forth between texting so friends to go down to the river or go out and get bike shoes.  I decided after my rides at the beach that it was time to bite the bullet and get some new shoes.  After riding down there I realized that I really need to get my shoes and clips on so I can get the most out of my rides.  So I changed out of my work clothes and headed out.  I went to a few bike stores before I ended up at Performance Bike over in DE to get shoes.  When I left the house I put on a tank that I bought down at the beach and went and looked in the mirror.  For the first time I felt comfortable going out in public in a tank.  It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!  Before this, the only time I wore a tank was walking to the beach and back….that’s it.  Today for the first time I actually felt comfortable going out in public and walking around in a tank and I felt so awesome.

Here I am in my Ron Jon tank!
When I left today I did not really have any intentions of buying shoes.  I have never worn tri shoes or any type of bike shoe for that matter.  I was just going to try some shoes on so that I knew what size to order from the internet.  When I tried on the size I thought I was they were too big.  This was good and bad because the shoes I found online were only $60 but they would have never fit.  So of course I walked out of the store with a pair of shoes.  I can’t wait to get my cleats and turn into more of a “real rider!” I also order my first ID bracelet from Road ID and I can’t wait for it to get here! 
My Shimano Tri Shoes
Aside from getting my new shoes there weren’t too many exciting things going on today.  I wanted to go for a ride and or run but the weather was just not cooperating with me.  As for tomorrow it is back to work.  This is also the last week of my summer class.  It will be the last time I put paper on pencil for a written test and it is REALLY weird to think about.  It did not hit me until writing this that it is the last time I will take a written test as an undergrad.  It will be bittersweet for me because I cannot wait to graduate and start my next chapter but I will also be lost not getting up and going to class!

As for now I am going to listen to a little more of this new Sublime album, Yours Truly and fall asleep.  If you haven’t tried it yet I highly suggest you check it out, it’s a really great album and I am liking it a lot.  My training is going very well and I am getting super excited for my race.  I am hoping that there are a few more people who come to give me a high five a long the way for this race.  This will be my biggest accomplishment to date and there are a few people who have been here through every step that I really want to be there to witness it with me.  Until next time thanks for reading and remember whatever fight you are fighting, DON’T YOU EVER GIVE UP!!

All for now.
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