First week back!

This week was the first week back from reality and it was tough. The weather here in PA has not been fun this week. It has rained every afternoon which has totally messed with my training schedule. I haven’t been able to ride my bike since vacation and I miss it terribly!

Just to pick up where I left off with my last post… I was talking about being super excited to go out in public in a tank. I just wanted to make a comment I thought of after that post. Some people may say “well it’s not like you looked awful before you started training!” While this is 100% true, I wasn’t happy with the reflection I saw in the mirror. I was not happy with myself or how I felt and so I decided I needed to make a change! When you put your mind to something it’s incredible what you’re capable of. I always said I just want to get rid of a little weight, I know I’ll never look like this or that. But now I am not stopping at anything until I am a lean mean fighting machine!
This doesn’t necessarily need to be applied to weight loss or getting in shape for that matter. Maybe your family is going through a troubling time or you’ve been faced with a mountain you never thought you would have to climb. You have two options. You can’t sit and think or talk about how awful it is or you can go out and change it!  I can tell you that sitting and dwelling on it, only makes it worse. People are always going to find something you’re doing “wrong” but when you stop doing things for other people and start doing things for yourself you’ll see what I’m talking about. 
This past week I also had someone ask me to help them get on the right track with their diet and exercise. I  completely honored by this. Someone is recognizing my hard work and wants me to help them! It’s super rewarding and I can’t even begin to describe how that made me feel. I am super excited to see if she has what it takes to get there! I will make sure to keep y’all updated on that progress along with mine!
Today I saw a buddy of mine who I saw not too long ago. But today was different, he said “dude! You are looking cut up!!” That was a great feeling. I have said before that I am a pretty humble person and although I have been very successful, I don’t think what I am doing is amazing or incredible. I am doing something I should have a long time ago. I also truly believe that it is something that everyone should be doing. I feel amazing and I want EVERYONE to feel this good!
As for this weekend I am headed out with a great group of friends and I can’t wait. We are going to have a great weekend regardless of the weather forecast. These dudes have been there through thick and thin and now we get to enjoy so time together! 
This has seriously been the longest car ride ever and my back is starting to get super tight. I can’t wait to get there and have a stinking beer! 
Hope all my readers have a wonderful weekend and the weather is better where you are!
All for now. 
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself!

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