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It’s a New Day…Embrace it and be happy

Good morning all, or evening, or afternoon…whatever it is to you. As I sit her in the cool breeze and soft morning sun, I decided to enjoy my little outlet before things get nuts. 

This weekend was an eventful one that’s for sure! I went on a trip to the beach with my buddy to see our friend who is living down there for the summer. I was pumped to see him and to get away for the weekend. Last Friday it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. I got up and made my breakfast and was out the door by 5:00 on Friday morning. Walking down the driveway I dropped my oatmeal and just knew it was going to be ugly from there on out. I got to work and the drain cover had some how been knocked off one of the drains in the pool. This chick was all up in my face asking me questions and talking to me until my ears were ringing and I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet. Luckily I some how made it through the rest of the shift and got out of there alive. 
I headed home and had one of my clients at the house and then it was finally over! I packed up my stuff, made sure I had everything for my bike and headed out. My buddy is one of the few who understands the burning passion I now have for this triathlon and he was kind enough to squeeze my bike into his car. He didn’t have to do this and I am grateful that he did.  I was super excited to ride on some flatter ground. 
When we got down there Friday it was go time and we went out and had a great time. No I didn’t stick to my diet and no I didn’t only have one drink…come on did you read about that day?! Plus there is no such thing as only one orange crush!! I was going to ride Saturday but we went on this tour of the town trying to find breakfast so I decided to just go chill on the beach for awhile. Saturday we went to jam which was pretty sick and the music was good. When we were standing at jam we jumped up on the ledge and claimed some prime real estate to listen to music and people watch. As I was standing there I thought you know it’s funny, I probably wouldn’t have done this last summer. I wouldn’t want everyone to be able to see me like that.  I am still not 100% comfortable in my own skin but I am getting there. I can still see the cowardly lion every now and again, but this summer is different though and I’m getting there! 
Sunday I woke up and I HAD to ride my bike. I wasn’t leaving the beach until I did. We went and got breakfast much easier this time. I came back and it was windy and I knew I was going to have to cross a bridge and I wasn’t excited. Just as I was gearing up I said something about the bridge, a guy Coop said “oh yeah didn’t you hear about the lady who was run off a bridge like two weeks ago…?” Seriously, not what I needed to hear. I embarked on my journey however and it was a tough first leg out. The wind was blowing directly into my face and it made it really tough. I got to the bridge at the inlet and there was an older guy in front of me just out for a little joy ride. He took his sweet time getting over the bridge and in the midst of that sweet time we got passed by two, not one but TWO rv’s…seriously?! Nonetheless I made it to Bethany and turned around to start heading back. My ride ended up totaling 21 miles and I did it in 1:11…I was stoked. 

After that we just hung around for a bit longer. Everyone at the house was fighting off their hangover but me I felt great! 6:00pm rolled around and we headed out. 
I got back to my buddies house and we were talking with his mom and she asked when my race was. I told her and she said ok I’ll make sure I have off. I said its all the way in Atlantic city, you don’t have to do that! It was an argument…they will be there and I am ecstatic. I wish I could have every single person who is or was important in some way there to give me a high five. I had no idea that they wanted to come and I’m overwhelmed! When I got back to my house, my neighbors from across the street were here. They told me that they were telling their neighbor at the beach about what I am up to. They told me he said he was proud of me for what I was doing. I only met this guy a handful of times but for him to say that is absolutely astonishing.  The race is getting really close and I’m getting nervous and excited all at the same time. 
I’ve been trying to just live everyday the the fullest and not look back on what happened yesterday. Everyday is a new day with new challenges and I don’t even have time to look back on the past. Happy Monday everyone! Have a wonderful week. 
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

and AGAIN!

Today I was in the pool teaching some of my clients.  I felt like I was pulling my shorts up a little more than often.  Between clients I stood up on the pool deck and looked down at my shorts….they were practically falling off!  I just bought these shorts at the beginning of the summer.  They are a size 36 and they are falling down and loose on me.  It’s insane.  I remember when my size 40 shorts were tight on me.  I am seeing so many changes and feeling so different than I did a year ago at this time.  This time last year, I was happy, I was having a good time and it was summer.  This year I am feeling 10,000 times better and it’s simply INCREDIBLE.  I feel energized, I feel satisfied and I feel happy, but this time it is both inside and out.

When I was at work today a guy came in to swim before his race this weekend.  I have been watching this dude train for months and he is doing something that is still unthinkable to me…the IRONMAN Lake Placid race, which is this weekend.  I looked at him in awe for many reasons.  One was because I have so much respect for him.  He is going to compete in one of the most physically demanding things there is on the face of this earth.  The second reason was because I cannot imagine the feeling he is going through right now.  He has to be excited out of his mind.  I remember how I felt the night before my Broad Street race and it was a feeling I will never forget.  I can tell you right now I can’t wait to feel that feeling in Atlantic City again the night before my race in September. 

I thought my body would be feeling the demands of my training much more at this point but I have been trying to train smarter not harder.  I have been doing my research and homework and talking to a lot of people.  At this point my focus has changed from shedding pounds to being successful in my race in September.  By successful I mean I have looked at times from last year and been tracking my progress and I want to be a top 10 finisher for the 20-24 year olds and this is completely attainable.

It’s funny because today as I was sitting outside at 5:30 this morning I started to reflect.  I found myself focusing on two things.  One was that when I started I remember telling a friend “I will never look like him, I just want to be happy with who I am” and two was “I know I am not going to win but I just want to finish.”  It’s funny because these two things have changed drastically since I started.  For one I am certainly going to finish my race and I have a focused goal at this point.  I am not willing to stop at anything until I can attain that.  Two is I am going to look however I want.  I have the power, as do you to do anything in this world that you want.  Whether it be fitness related or anything else, you have the power and only you can make that happen.  It is an emotional ride and as I sit here and think about the ups and downs I am getting emotional too.  There is no reason in this world for me to give up on what I am focused on and you all should be doing the exact same thing!

I am doing my best to post on here as things come in to my head instead of waiting to do it in one long post.  I know I finish every post by thanking everyone who reads this, but I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.  There is no way in the world that I would be able to do this without all of you reading this and the continued support I receive from you.  Whether you know it or not YOU are helping me every single day and I really thank you for that and I owe you more credit than I could ever give you.  Don’t give up on what you are doing…

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

A BAD Case of the Modays

Ever hear that saying when it rains it pours?  Well that was me today.  It just felt like if there was something that could go wrong…it would.  I can’t seem to win today and I am so ready to get out of this rut and start a fresh day tomorrow.

First of all I did my brick yesterday.  It was my first real brick workout and it was hard….very hard!  I drove down to the Y to park my car and jump on my bike.  I headed out filled with energy and a few cold water bottles.  I rode the route I usually go on from the Y and it was a nice ride.  The weather was beautiful and I just embraced the ride.  I finished 18 miles and headed back to the Y.  I jumped off my bike, switched my shoes, grabbed another water bottle and sucked down my Power Bar gel before heading out on my run…..OUCH!!! My legs were not happy with me, they felt like wet noodles when I started running.  I had my Nike+ app going and I felt like I was running at a 15:00 pace and I wanted to stop so bad.  Just as I rounded the line for my first mile, I could hear the app kick in and I wanted to swallow my head because I knew it was going to tell me my time.  That annoying voice chirping in my ear and then it came….8:00 first mile after an 18 mile ride!! Holy cow did that feel awesome!  I knew I had to put in at least another mile so I forged on.  Trying to keep pace with that 8:00 mark I picked up my speed.  She came on again after the second mile and I hit another 8:00 mile.  I couldn’t believe it.  I have never held that pace before and I just did it, after an 18 mile ride!!!  What an INCREDIBLE feeling of accomplishment that came over me. 

Strava from my brick
Run portion of my brick.

Today didn’t go so well though.  I got to work and I had forgotten my lock to put my bag in a locker.  Unfortunately we live in a world where you just can’t trust anyone so I put my bag on the pool deck.  What’s one day right? It’s not that big of a deal….wrong! I got yelled at for having my bag on the deck when there were three other people who had their bags out there.  I took my wallet and keys out of my back and put the rest of my stuff in a locker.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, I was breaking the rules, no big deal.  It just felt like I was getting in trouble when I always have my stuff in a locker but other people don’t.  Maybe I am being too sensitive, oh well…

I then got an email that my midterm paper for my summer class was late.  I was on the school’s website everyday over the last week checking for my professor to put an update with what was due and she never did, so I assumed that nothing was do….well you know what they say about assuming.  So I said OK, no big deal I will just complete the paper when I get home and upload it.  AGAIN wrong….the paper requires a book which I of course, you guessed it, don’t have.  So on top of not turning in the other assignments for last week, I know have no submitted my paper…..this is not going to end well.  I knew this class was going to be hell, but I really can’t afford to fail this class.  I have to skip sailing tomorrow and find this stupid book to complete my paper.  I can only hope that my professor will accept it late and just give me a grade.  I need a C to pass this class and just be done.  I am praying that I can make that happen. 

Other than that today was very uneventful.  I needed to post to vent and get these things off my chest so that I can fall asleep and hopefully start tomorrow fresh.  I did my lift today but it didn’t feel the same.  Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  Although this was a bad day, I refuse to let it set the tone for the rest of my week.  I am going to stick to my guns and get things done!  One bad day isn’t going to throw me off track and it shouldn’t throw you off either.  Wishing you all a good week and hopefully it got off to a better start than mine!  Thank you for reading!

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

Never Take ANYTHING for Granted

Things are super duper busy these days and I have been trying to find time to post more but I just can’t sometimes!! Things are going fairly well here though and I am loving the summer time.  Could be because it is my favorite time of year, could be the friends, family, the pool, the weather…Not sure what it is but I LOVE it!!

This past week was super busy but surprisingly super productive!  Last Sunday I went to a lifeguard in-service that I was dreading.  The month of July was designated to practice possible spinal injury extraction.  It is always a long meeting because it is a very serious topic and it is very involved.  Yes when life-guarding, everything is very serious, this is just one of the more involved and challenging topics that we have to cover.  We have been there for a long time in the passed and I knew I had to get up at 5 the next day so I just didn’t want to be there until 10pm or later.  Luckily things went very smooth and I even had time to make it home to catch Sunday family dinner!! 

Monday I was up at 5am, had a long day at the health club and then turned around and taught some of my private clients.  I picked up a new client that came three days this passed week and he is doing very well!  I also somehow squeezed in my lift on Monday which was the start of my “power phase”  It was a challenge to get through because I was exhausted but man did it feel great!

Tuesday I had work again and in the middle of my shift I had a super long break so I figured what better time than to go out and ride my bike!  Best and yet worst idea yet.  In my last post I mentioned how I wanted to feel my lifting when going into my bike, but man not like this!!  My legs were killing me.  Instead of feeling faster, I was feeling like I really had to push through the workout more.  I did have a good ride though and I am happy that I could take advantage of the opportunity to better myself yet again for the race! 

Here is my Strava from Tuesday.  13 miles still ain’t half bad!
Tuesday night was race night and as I have said before it is one of my favorite things to do!  We used a different main sail than we usually do and it messed us up for the first two races.  In the last race though we stopped messing around with the sails and configuration and just sailed the boat and we ended up taking a second which was pretty cool!  Had a total cheat meal at waffle house after the race but it was worth every bite!
Wednesday was pretty uninvolved, not much going on and super hot out.  I have been trying to swim more at the club, but the inside lap lanes are always taken.  Being an employee, I don’t like to take up space for members who are there to swim.  Luckily there was some space outside so I went out there.  Again, not such a good idea.  The pool is sooo HOT out there and it is very hard to get in the groove!  I have been trying to do more sets, like 5X100 with 20 seconds rest to improve my 500yd time and it was tough in such a warm pool.  I would put my face in and it would feel like bath water and when I came out for a breath there was no relief because it was so hot out!  After work and private clients I decided I was going to go for a run…..again, bad idea!!  Are you starting to see a trend here?! I am haha.  When it rains, I complain, when it is too hot, I complain….I need to go somewhere like oh I don’t know California 😉  The run was not my best to date lets just say and I didn’t break any records but I got out and did it.  If I can do it now when it is hot and disgusting out, come September, I will be kicking butt!!
I actually did 5.9 miles but forgot to hit start!
Thursday I had another long break so I went out on the bike again.  This time was much better.  I am still not as confident as I would like to be on the bike, but I am getting there.  I am way more confident than I could have ever thought when I was first getting started.  I went out on some back roads around here that can be pretty sketch and didn’t even think twice about it!  It’s funny to stop and think how far you come when you don’t over think things and you just go out and do it!
Here is my Strava, 2 miles further in 5 min ain’t bad either huh?!
Friday was back to work and the weight room.  I tried to swim again and ran into the same problem outside.  Super hot and super hard to get into the groove.  There is a guy who must have been a swimmer in high school and is now doing triathlons who trains at my club.  He came out and jumped in my lane and I thought great just what I need.  I have watched him swim before and he is a pretty good swimmer.  When I pushed off the wall to start my first 100 I wasn’t paying much attention to anything around me.  I came in and got my rest and pushed off for my second one and realized he pushed off at the same time I did…still never thought anything of it though.  We finished, I took my rest and then pushed off again, sure enough, HERE HE COMES. So I thought you know what, lets go.  I was keeping pace with this guy through my 100 the whole time!  He was doing flip turns on the walls and I wasn’t yet I still kept up with him through my set!  I was pretty siked about it to be honest.  I have watched him before and thought that he was good, but never thought that I could keep up with him.  NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF or what you are capable of!  I finished up my lessons and went straight for the weighted room.  I crushed my lift and when I was doing my pull over this guy asked if I had ever done them on a bosu ball instead of on the bench (same guy who is ripped who was super impressed about my broad street time from a few posts back).  I said no way I couldn’t do that and he said “man you absolutely could, just try it! You’d be surprised what you are capable of.”  He’s right and next week I am going to try it.  People like this keep me going that’s for sure.  This guy doesn’t even know me and he is pushing me to get better. So awesome.
Friday night I got an offer to go out with my buddy.  I was supposed to go out for dinner, but my plans ended up falling through and I was super bummed about that.  I really wanted to go to West Chester and grab some sushi after crushing a workout.  So we went to grab a drink and catch up.  When we were sitting at the bar we were joking about my biceps and my lift that day.  This is the same guy who got me started and who deserves more credit in the world for everything.  The conversation went on and he said man, you don’t even need me anymore.  You have the passion and the drive to learn things and make yourself better and you go out and find what you need to do that.  He was absolutely right, some times it just takes someone else to say it for you to realize it.  This also ties into a comment my uncle left on a facebook post I made…side note, Do It For Yourself is now on facebook, head over and join me! On the post he said it’s not about what you lost but what you have gained.  He was completely right.  Yes I have lost 90 pounds, but who cares, that is just a number, it doesn’t define how far I have come in the least bit.  I have learned so much and bettered myself so much more than some stupid number!
Today I went to play golf in a benefit outing.  There was a woman who was paired in my group because we did not have a full group and she was by herself.  I am not a women hater and I don’t give them flack for playing golf or think it is a man’s sport etc.  It did however kill our team and give us a disadvantage because she was holding us back a bit.  When we were there my buddy and I agreed we weren’t having fun and we just wanted to be DONE with golf for the day.  Although we did a lot of complaining I look back now and realize we were lucky to be on the course, have our health and be able to go out and do something we enjoy for the day. 
I came home and some family came out for the day who I haven’t seen in forever.  It was great to see them and catch up and see their kids, etc.  My cousin said to me at one point, “do you realize how amazing it is what you have accomplished?!”  I gave her an honest answer and I said no.  I don’t think what I am doing is amazing, it is something I should have done a long time ago.  Is that ignorant? Is it cocky or arrogant? I am not sure, but I don’t think it is amazing….I am chasing a dream that I have wanted for such a long time and now I am not going to be satisfied until I reach it!
Tomorrow is going to be a brick day, I am not looking forward to it, but I haven’t done one in a long while and I also haven’t done one with a real bike ride.  Previous brick workouts have been done on a trainer so I am excited to get out and do a “real” one.  After that my plan is to sit at the pool and just RELAX for once.  There is nothing going on for the rest of the day and I am super excited about that.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend, enjoy your Sunday if you have it off!  Hopefully I will see you all on the other side!  Thank you so much for your continued support and remember you are not in this alone.  You always have a friend in me 🙂  Join me on facebook, follow my journey and introduce me to yours, let’s do it togehter!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

Time FLIES when you’re having fun!

Time is literally flying by this summer and I can’t believe it is July 14th already….I have only made it to the beach once or twice and we are half way through the summer!  Today is Sunday, which means Monday comes next and it is right back to work for me.  Most people use their weekends to RELAX and enjoy the time that they have off.  Nope not me!  I was constantly going this weekend… I woke up Saturday and knew I had to do some speed training this weekend because I hadn’t done it yet this week.  I had a swim lesson at home Saturday morning so I woke up and enjoyed my coffee and THANK GOD the weather held off! 

So it was lesson time!  I have been trying to schedule this family since the beginning of the summer but between vacations and this stupid rain this was the first time they were able to get in.  I love ALL of the families that I work with over the summer but this family is just SPECTACULAR.  They are one of the nicest families I have ever met and I could not wait to see them!  I hadn’t seen them since last summer so naturally they were beside themselves when they walked on to the pool deck.  After raining me over with wonderful compliments I got in the pool with the kids.  We had a great lesson and I couldn’t believe how far their daughter has come since last summer.  Her parents also told me that they were getting into some small 5K races this summer and it just so happens we are doing the same color run!  I think it is so cool that they can do stuff like that together!  I want a workout partner like that!!

After the lesson I jumped in the car and headed out to the gym while slugging my second cup of coffee.  Good and bad idea all at the same time.  When I finished that second cup as I was pulling into the gym, the intensity level of speed training shot through the roof.  I was so ready to go.  As I was doing my 800’s I glanced up and noticed that I CRUSHED my 5K PR at 24:20 and decided I wanted more.  I ended up finishing 4 miles in 30 minutes and some change. I felt absolutely incredible.  It is amazing the endorphin rush you get from working out.  I then went and blasted abs since I had to skip them in my lift this week.  Weighted situps and then a tabata with Russian twist, planks, flutter kicks, and ab roller.  I did two rounds of each and I was DEAD!  I headed straight for the smoothie bar to get my favorite recover shake and then it was off home for the party!

About the same distance as Saturday’s run but look at that time difference!
Saturday when I got home my next door neighbor was outside.  We have had a few confrontations with this family and when I arrived I saw him and thought oh god, here we go….I got out of my car and I could just feel him starring me down.  I sitting here thinking, what could his problem possibly be.  I purposely turned my music down and rolled down the street at a crawl of 5 mph.  He looks over again and says, “Holy crap man, how much weight have you lost?”  It took me a minute to process…but I decided ok, just go with it.   So I started talking to him about my race and riding etc.  He opened his garage and showed me his bike and I ended up talking to him for about 20 minutes.  The entire time I was standing there thinking to myself, is this real? Is this seriously happening right now?!  Do you remember saying you were going to kill our dogs like two weeks ago you wacko?!  Either way I entertained him and then went on my way.
Saturday evening I had some people from work here.  A girl who I work with came up with a challenge to Swim Across America.  Every lap that we swim converts to distance on the map and we have certain check points.  We hit our check point for New Orleans and so I offered to host the party at my house.  I was bumming a little bit because all of my friends happened to be heading to the beach for running of the bulls in Dewey.  I was a little low on cash though so it was no biggy.  Once everyone got here we fired up the grill and everyone had a really great time!  It was nice to have some people here and enjoy time away from being at work, that’s for sure.  When we were sitting around the table someone looked over at me, and right in front of everyone said “Ian!! Holy cow, look at your arms!”  Now if you have learned anything about me from these posts, I HATE being the center of attention! So of course someone else joined in and complimented me and I was just beside myself.  She followed it up with “Every time I look at you I am just amazed!” So even though I was the center of attention for a minute I didn’t mind it because that was one of the greatest compliments I have received yet. 
As for the rest of last week, nothing too big happened.  I workout, I eat and I teach swimming.  That’s about my life right now.  I did take my friend on a ride last Thursday.  It was her first ride on her bike so we took it slow and I just gave her a chance to crunch through some gears and get used to the roads around here.  After circling back to where we started, I hadn’t had enough yet and wasn’t ready to go back home.  So naturally I went back out.  I ended up killing my ride and really enjoyed it.  I know I said it before but there is just something about clipping into your bike and forgetting about everything else that is going on. 
Even after a slow start I still managed 20 miles in an hour and a half.  Can’t complain!
Tomorrow it is right back to work.  I am excited to start the “power phase” of my lifting and I really hope it carries over into my riding and swimming.  Everyone keeps telling me that if I just learn how to flip turn that my times will get faster but I won’t have to flip turn in my race so why waste pool time so close to my race on learning it and perfecting it.  Definitely something to consider for the “off season” though. 
Last thing I want to share is a picture of the family in front of the camper(that gave us a hell of a ride down) at the beach.  When I saw this picture I must say that I didn’t even recognize myself.  Still there are some days where I will walk passed a mirror or something and see my reflection and catch myself stopping for a second look.  It’s a great feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!
 Thank you to our awesome photographer Susan for this shot of the whole family!
Here we are in front of our camper for the first time!
I think I covered most of the stuff I wanted to cover, naturally I am sure there are things I have left out.  I am going to make it a conscious effort to post more often on here even though it is hard with so much going on!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Try to stay cool and HYDRATED with this heat wave coming across the east coast here!!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself.

WOW that’s all I have to say…

It’s been quite some time in between this post and last and I apologize.  Things have been very busy around here with the summer in full swing.  At times it feels like I am rolling downhill with no brakes, but it is keeping me busy!

I left you off with the annual 3rd of July party and it was a good time as always.  Just like vacation this year was different than previous years.  We were short quite a few friends this year but that is to be expected with everyone going different directions in their life.  We had a great time none the less and it was very enjoyable. 

The 4th was nothing to write home about, we had a few people here by the pool and a small BBQ but nothing too crazy.  I had to be up and out early on Friday for work so I wasn’t getting too crazy.  It really just felt like a pretty routine week for me, with a little extra time off.  This isn’t helping me much since mother nature hasn’t been cooperating and I haven’t been able to teach many lessons.  Friday after work I wanted to go for a ride but I didn’t want to go alone, it was extremely hot and I had just about every excuse there was in the book.  Nonetheless I geared up and went for a ride.  There is something about climbing on your bike and just going.  It got me right back to where I needed to be.  The terrain here is quite different than anywhere else I have ridden so far.  As soon as you hit the peak of one hill, you are going down to the base of another!  It was a challenge but at the same time I really enjoyed it…NO CHALLENGE NO CHANGE!

My Strava report from my ride.

As for the rest of the weekend it was really routine here.  Didn’t get too crazy or do too much at all.  Just a lot of the same old same old.  Sunday I woke up and went to church then went for a swim.  I need to get a little faster in my swim if I want to hit my goal on finishing top 10 in my age group.  It I go sub 1:15 for my race this is completely possible and I am stopping at nothing to get there.  After this we went to a birthday party for my cousin who turned 4 on July 3rd.  It was a party with multiple 4 years stuck inside because it, yep you guessed it, RAINED!  So sick of this weather!  None the less it was good to see some family that I haven’t seen for awhile and I don’t have any complaints, I love being around kids!

Here’s the a little dude with and entire plum shoved in his mouth!

I have a few things that I really wanted to share so that is why I wanted to write this post.  The first was that I started this blog and made my first post in May.  Since then I have had over 700+ views on here.  When I logged in to see that, it was so rewarding. WOW…. Just absolutely INCREDIBLE to me.  700 views….I can’t even wrap my mind around it.  I did not think in a million years that there were that many people interested in what I had to say!  I hope everyone is enjoying the post and getting something out of it because at the end of the day, that’s all I want!

Next on the 3rd we were sitting around the fire and playing a silly game.  We had to go around the circle and say something nice about or to the person sitting to our left.  A very good buddy and workout partner of mine was sitting to my right so it was his turn.  Mind you this is one of the guys that really got me started.  There were multiple who have been absolutely instrumental in this whole things and he is definitely one.  However, I was not prepared for what was to happen next…it came to his turn and he said:

I’ve been in the gym with you since day one brother and you have come so far, it’s awesome and you need to keep it up brother…great work.”
I have looked up to this guy since we started lifting together back in January.  He ALWAYS pushes me to work harder, give it my best, and walk away knowing I left it all out there.  For him to give me respect like that was an irreplaceable feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Again another WOW!
On Saturday we went out on the river for the afternoon.  I left the gym after a lift and I was feeling great.  I threw on some boardies and my tank and I was ready to hit it and show off my hard work.  We left the dock and had a nice ride down to the flats.  When we got there I looked over and saw some chicks sitting on there boat and they looked over at us.  Naturally I was all excited because I just left the gym and I was feeling great….Until they started laughing…WTF?!?! AGAIN!!  Was the laughter directed at me or was it a coincidence…? I will never know but naturally I could only assume that it was.  I wanted to walk over to their boat and say “Do you realize how far I have come?!” But I didn’t.  I jumped in the water and went to play some games with my friends.  Yeah it got to me a little but not enough to go and put my tank back on and that is what the old me would have done.  It’s a start right!?
When I got up to brush my teeth somewhere over the last week or two I noticed some changes.  Some changed I REALLY like.  I am beginning to see my shoulders and Bi’s develop and it’s a great feeling.  I have never seen changes like this before and so every little thing counts and every little step is more like a giant leap for me.  It helps me and pushes me to keep going.  I have stopped getting on the scale as much as I used to and really just focused on the changes I am beginning to see and it has helped a ton.  Check out this pic of my “shoulders” starting to pop out a little bit!(yes I took it while brushing my teeth, don’t judge!)
 Also take not of my sweet road id that I am super excited about!
Lastly today I was on my phone and someone responded to a tweet on my personal account.  He was asking about the “challenge” that I keep posting about.  I told him that it was about the last 10lbs I want to get rid of before I hit the 100 mark and that I was helping motivate a good friend who I was helping get started.  He said that was awesome and gave me congrats.  I didn’t even know that he was following me, let a lone paying enough attention to what I was tweeting.  It was pretty cool that someone saw something and wanted to know more about what was going on.  I am overwhelmed with people inquiring about what I am doing, who actually care and want to see me succeed.  And that was my third and final WOW of the evening. 
I have been up since 4:45 and I am absolutely exhausted, I probably forgot some things I wanted to say but I think I hit on most of it.  Tomorrow I am up early again to do some meal prepping and such before work.  Going to also try and squeeze in an AM run before I have to jump in the pool to teach some lessons.  I went out and bought tons of food today so now the only thing left to do is cook it.  Have a plan or plan to fail my friends!!  Keep doing what you are doing and remember stop worrying about those other people!  There are always people who are going to talk and as long as you are doing what YOU want you’re good! They have to put their head on the pillow at the end of the day and at least you can do it, knowing you did something you are happy about!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

Glad We Got THAT Out of the Way!

Today is Tuesday, a day I have grown to LOVE for the past 4 summers here.  I have gone sailing every Tuesday night with a very close friend of mine starting 4 summers ago on a lightening and I have grown to love it!

To pick up where I left you last on Friday, I was on my way to the beach.  After my plans were all over the place for a few days, I finally got things nailed down and headed out to the beach for the weekend.  We got there Friday night and just hung around at my friends house for the evening.  Nothing too excited happened and I was totally OK with that.  Just being around great friends and sharing laughs was more than enough for me.

We woke up Saturday morning and my buddy asked if I wanted to go for a run.  I was so happy! I didn’t want to be the only guy who woke up and wanted to go out for a run!  So we laced up and headed out.  He is faster than me by a long shot but I was going for a longer run on Saturday so he agreed to stay with me.  We went for two miles together and then he pealed away and finished up but I continued on.  We were in Lewes, DE and the run was beautiful!  I found a nice little trail and followed it around until I finished up just over 5 miles. 

My little Banner from my run 🙂

When I finished up my run I hit end on my Nike+ app and that annoying yet amazing little notification popped up.  I broke ANOTHER record!  Just 6 short months ago to the date I went for a run around the same neighborhood.  This time I killed that run.  My 5K time was down over 5 minutes and I went for 2 miles further than I did in January.  What an accomplishment!  I was never a runner so I don’t know if this is as huge as I think it is, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

After the run we headed out to Seacrets in OCMD.  I was excited but at the same time I wasn’t.  I am not a huge fan of OCMD, it’s not exactly my kind of crowd but nonetheless my buddy wanted to go their and it was his birthday weekend, so I wasn’t going to rain on his parade.  I ended up having a great time and really enjoyed it.  YES I know before you say it, this is becoming a common theme and I should just continue to not over think things.  Hi have we just met?

This is me, 6 months ago on NYE with my friends girlfriend.
This is me, Saturday, at Seacrets…difference much?!
Holy cow what a DIFFERENCE.  I look at the first picture and don’t even recognize that guy anymore.  When that picture was taken, I had been working out and busting my tail for about 4 months but just couldn’t see a difference.  Through time, hard work, and dedication though I stuck with it and look at the difference now!  I uploaded this picture to facebook and there were a handful of likes and comments but the one that stood out the most read:
I’m so glad you finally posted a picture so everyone can see how great you look! I am so proud of you and happy for you, you inspire so many including me, love you!!
Thank you so much, that really touched me and I can’t even tell you how much it pushed me to keep going on this journey!!
On Sunday I got home and I was messing around with my bike in the garage.  I decided to ride up and down the street a little to see what these new pedals and shoes were all about.  After a few up and down’s I though forget this, I AM GOING ON THE ROAD!  I came home and grabbed my bike shorts and my other gear and I was off!
This ride was different than any ride yet.  For those of you who don’t know Chester County, I’ll just go out on a limb and say it’s a little hilly.  On top of all that I was trying to get used to having my feet attached to my bike.  It was weird at first but I got the hang of it….or so I thought. I rode down to the Y which is around 5 miles give or take from my house.  I turned around in the parking lot and was heading down towards the red light.  I checked for traffic and had to do a double take because I though I saw someone driving down the road who I knew and then it happened….before I knew it, I was laying on the ground. Yes I fell on my bike and the only thing I could do was starting laughing. I said out loud “well at least we got THAT out of the way!” I knew it was bound to happen at some point, I just didn’t think that would be it!  This ride was not my best but I got it done and it is a step to getting used to being in the pedals and shoes. 
Monday was a pretty typical Monday…The weather still stinks here but I have found my self tossing the iron around again and I love it.  I was always more for lifting in the past rather than cardio but that’s just because I was being lazy.  I know love the two and really hope that I can use both to improve myself, both physical and for the performance in my racing.
It is funny for me to look back from time to time on where I used to be and where I am today.  I would have never done the things I am doing today.  I would have given up so long ago but that just isn’t me anymore.  There are so many changes but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  I am so happy that I took the bull by the horns and stuck with it! People laughed at me and made fun of me for so many various reasons but if I listened to them I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have and I am really starting to see that.  I knew what I had to do to ensure success and I did it.  Not for them but for me, for myself, and I am so glad I did.  Whatever you are doing, ask yourself, am I doing this for me or am I doing it for them?  When you find the difference, please contact me and let me know because I want to give you a hug and share how amazing you will truly feel!
Tomorrow is a new day and I will be headed back down to the boat for our annual 3rd of July party.  It is sure to be a good time and I can’t wait.  Looking forward to spending the evening with great friends yet again!  Hopefully I will see you all on the other side of the holiday and I hope you all enjoy it where ever you are!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself!