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Things are super duper busy these days and I have been trying to find time to post more but I just can’t sometimes!! Things are going fairly well here though and I am loving the summer time.  Could be because it is my favorite time of year, could be the friends, family, the pool, the weather…Not sure what it is but I LOVE it!!

This past week was super busy but surprisingly super productive!  Last Sunday I went to a lifeguard in-service that I was dreading.  The month of July was designated to practice possible spinal injury extraction.  It is always a long meeting because it is a very serious topic and it is very involved.  Yes when life-guarding, everything is very serious, this is just one of the more involved and challenging topics that we have to cover.  We have been there for a long time in the passed and I knew I had to get up at 5 the next day so I just didn’t want to be there until 10pm or later.  Luckily things went very smooth and I even had time to make it home to catch Sunday family dinner!! 

Monday I was up at 5am, had a long day at the health club and then turned around and taught some of my private clients.  I picked up a new client that came three days this passed week and he is doing very well!  I also somehow squeezed in my lift on Monday which was the start of my “power phase”  It was a challenge to get through because I was exhausted but man did it feel great!

Tuesday I had work again and in the middle of my shift I had a super long break so I figured what better time than to go out and ride my bike!  Best and yet worst idea yet.  In my last post I mentioned how I wanted to feel my lifting when going into my bike, but man not like this!!  My legs were killing me.  Instead of feeling faster, I was feeling like I really had to push through the workout more.  I did have a good ride though and I am happy that I could take advantage of the opportunity to better myself yet again for the race! 

Here is my Strava from Tuesday.  13 miles still ain’t half bad!
Tuesday night was race night and as I have said before it is one of my favorite things to do!  We used a different main sail than we usually do and it messed us up for the first two races.  In the last race though we stopped messing around with the sails and configuration and just sailed the boat and we ended up taking a second which was pretty cool!  Had a total cheat meal at waffle house after the race but it was worth every bite!
Wednesday was pretty uninvolved, not much going on and super hot out.  I have been trying to swim more at the club, but the inside lap lanes are always taken.  Being an employee, I don’t like to take up space for members who are there to swim.  Luckily there was some space outside so I went out there.  Again, not such a good idea.  The pool is sooo HOT out there and it is very hard to get in the groove!  I have been trying to do more sets, like 5X100 with 20 seconds rest to improve my 500yd time and it was tough in such a warm pool.  I would put my face in and it would feel like bath water and when I came out for a breath there was no relief because it was so hot out!  After work and private clients I decided I was going to go for a run…..again, bad idea!!  Are you starting to see a trend here?! I am haha.  When it rains, I complain, when it is too hot, I complain….I need to go somewhere like oh I don’t know California 😉  The run was not my best to date lets just say and I didn’t break any records but I got out and did it.  If I can do it now when it is hot and disgusting out, come September, I will be kicking butt!!
I actually did 5.9 miles but forgot to hit start!
Thursday I had another long break so I went out on the bike again.  This time was much better.  I am still not as confident as I would like to be on the bike, but I am getting there.  I am way more confident than I could have ever thought when I was first getting started.  I went out on some back roads around here that can be pretty sketch and didn’t even think twice about it!  It’s funny to stop and think how far you come when you don’t over think things and you just go out and do it!
Here is my Strava, 2 miles further in 5 min ain’t bad either huh?!
Friday was back to work and the weight room.  I tried to swim again and ran into the same problem outside.  Super hot and super hard to get into the groove.  There is a guy who must have been a swimmer in high school and is now doing triathlons who trains at my club.  He came out and jumped in my lane and I thought great just what I need.  I have watched him swim before and he is a pretty good swimmer.  When I pushed off the wall to start my first 100 I wasn’t paying much attention to anything around me.  I came in and got my rest and pushed off for my second one and realized he pushed off at the same time I did…still never thought anything of it though.  We finished, I took my rest and then pushed off again, sure enough, HERE HE COMES. So I thought you know what, lets go.  I was keeping pace with this guy through my 100 the whole time!  He was doing flip turns on the walls and I wasn’t yet I still kept up with him through my set!  I was pretty siked about it to be honest.  I have watched him before and thought that he was good, but never thought that I could keep up with him.  NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF or what you are capable of!  I finished up my lessons and went straight for the weighted room.  I crushed my lift and when I was doing my pull over this guy asked if I had ever done them on a bosu ball instead of on the bench (same guy who is ripped who was super impressed about my broad street time from a few posts back).  I said no way I couldn’t do that and he said “man you absolutely could, just try it! You’d be surprised what you are capable of.”  He’s right and next week I am going to try it.  People like this keep me going that’s for sure.  This guy doesn’t even know me and he is pushing me to get better. So awesome.
Friday night I got an offer to go out with my buddy.  I was supposed to go out for dinner, but my plans ended up falling through and I was super bummed about that.  I really wanted to go to West Chester and grab some sushi after crushing a workout.  So we went to grab a drink and catch up.  When we were sitting at the bar we were joking about my biceps and my lift that day.  This is the same guy who got me started and who deserves more credit in the world for everything.  The conversation went on and he said man, you don’t even need me anymore.  You have the passion and the drive to learn things and make yourself better and you go out and find what you need to do that.  He was absolutely right, some times it just takes someone else to say it for you to realize it.  This also ties into a comment my uncle left on a facebook post I made…side note, Do It For Yourself is now on facebook, head over and join me! On the post he said it’s not about what you lost but what you have gained.  He was completely right.  Yes I have lost 90 pounds, but who cares, that is just a number, it doesn’t define how far I have come in the least bit.  I have learned so much and bettered myself so much more than some stupid number!
Today I went to play golf in a benefit outing.  There was a woman who was paired in my group because we did not have a full group and she was by herself.  I am not a women hater and I don’t give them flack for playing golf or think it is a man’s sport etc.  It did however kill our team and give us a disadvantage because she was holding us back a bit.  When we were there my buddy and I agreed we weren’t having fun and we just wanted to be DONE with golf for the day.  Although we did a lot of complaining I look back now and realize we were lucky to be on the course, have our health and be able to go out and do something we enjoy for the day. 
I came home and some family came out for the day who I haven’t seen in forever.  It was great to see them and catch up and see their kids, etc.  My cousin said to me at one point, “do you realize how amazing it is what you have accomplished?!”  I gave her an honest answer and I said no.  I don’t think what I am doing is amazing, it is something I should have done a long time ago.  Is that ignorant? Is it cocky or arrogant? I am not sure, but I don’t think it is amazing….I am chasing a dream that I have wanted for such a long time and now I am not going to be satisfied until I reach it!
Tomorrow is going to be a brick day, I am not looking forward to it, but I haven’t done one in a long while and I also haven’t done one with a real bike ride.  Previous brick workouts have been done on a trainer so I am excited to get out and do a “real” one.  After that my plan is to sit at the pool and just RELAX for once.  There is nothing going on for the rest of the day and I am super excited about that.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend, enjoy your Sunday if you have it off!  Hopefully I will see you all on the other side!  Thank you so much for your continued support and remember you are not in this alone.  You always have a friend in me 🙂  Join me on facebook, follow my journey and introduce me to yours, let’s do it togehter!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

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