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Today I was in the pool teaching some of my clients.  I felt like I was pulling my shorts up a little more than often.  Between clients I stood up on the pool deck and looked down at my shorts….they were practically falling off!  I just bought these shorts at the beginning of the summer.  They are a size 36 and they are falling down and loose on me.  It’s insane.  I remember when my size 40 shorts were tight on me.  I am seeing so many changes and feeling so different than I did a year ago at this time.  This time last year, I was happy, I was having a good time and it was summer.  This year I am feeling 10,000 times better and it’s simply INCREDIBLE.  I feel energized, I feel satisfied and I feel happy, but this time it is both inside and out.

When I was at work today a guy came in to swim before his race this weekend.  I have been watching this dude train for months and he is doing something that is still unthinkable to me…the IRONMAN Lake Placid race, which is this weekend.  I looked at him in awe for many reasons.  One was because I have so much respect for him.  He is going to compete in one of the most physically demanding things there is on the face of this earth.  The second reason was because I cannot imagine the feeling he is going through right now.  He has to be excited out of his mind.  I remember how I felt the night before my Broad Street race and it was a feeling I will never forget.  I can tell you right now I can’t wait to feel that feeling in Atlantic City again the night before my race in September. 

I thought my body would be feeling the demands of my training much more at this point but I have been trying to train smarter not harder.  I have been doing my research and homework and talking to a lot of people.  At this point my focus has changed from shedding pounds to being successful in my race in September.  By successful I mean I have looked at times from last year and been tracking my progress and I want to be a top 10 finisher for the 20-24 year olds and this is completely attainable.

It’s funny because today as I was sitting outside at 5:30 this morning I started to reflect.  I found myself focusing on two things.  One was that when I started I remember telling a friend “I will never look like him, I just want to be happy with who I am” and two was “I know I am not going to win but I just want to finish.”  It’s funny because these two things have changed drastically since I started.  For one I am certainly going to finish my race and I have a focused goal at this point.  I am not willing to stop at anything until I can attain that.  Two is I am going to look however I want.  I have the power, as do you to do anything in this world that you want.  Whether it be fitness related or anything else, you have the power and only you can make that happen.  It is an emotional ride and as I sit here and think about the ups and downs I am getting emotional too.  There is no reason in this world for me to give up on what I am focused on and you all should be doing the exact same thing!

I am doing my best to post on here as things come in to my head instead of waiting to do it in one long post.  I know I finish every post by thanking everyone who reads this, but I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.  There is no way in the world that I would be able to do this without all of you reading this and the continued support I receive from you.  Whether you know it or not YOU are helping me every single day and I really thank you for that and I owe you more credit than I could ever give you.  Don’t give up on what you are doing…

All for now
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