It’s a New Day…Embrace it and be happy

Good morning all, or evening, or afternoon…whatever it is to you. As I sit her in the cool breeze and soft morning sun, I decided to enjoy my little outlet before things get nuts. 

This weekend was an eventful one that’s for sure! I went on a trip to the beach with my buddy to see our friend who is living down there for the summer. I was pumped to see him and to get away for the weekend. Last Friday it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. I got up and made my breakfast and was out the door by 5:00 on Friday morning. Walking down the driveway I dropped my oatmeal and just knew it was going to be ugly from there on out. I got to work and the drain cover had some how been knocked off one of the drains in the pool. This chick was all up in my face asking me questions and talking to me until my ears were ringing and I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet. Luckily I some how made it through the rest of the shift and got out of there alive. 
I headed home and had one of my clients at the house and then it was finally over! I packed up my stuff, made sure I had everything for my bike and headed out. My buddy is one of the few who understands the burning passion I now have for this triathlon and he was kind enough to squeeze my bike into his car. He didn’t have to do this and I am grateful that he did.  I was super excited to ride on some flatter ground. 
When we got down there Friday it was go time and we went out and had a great time. No I didn’t stick to my diet and no I didn’t only have one drink…come on did you read about that day?! Plus there is no such thing as only one orange crush!! I was going to ride Saturday but we went on this tour of the town trying to find breakfast so I decided to just go chill on the beach for awhile. Saturday we went to jam which was pretty sick and the music was good. When we were standing at jam we jumped up on the ledge and claimed some prime real estate to listen to music and people watch. As I was standing there I thought you know it’s funny, I probably wouldn’t have done this last summer. I wouldn’t want everyone to be able to see me like that.  I am still not 100% comfortable in my own skin but I am getting there. I can still see the cowardly lion every now and again, but this summer is different though and I’m getting there! 
Sunday I woke up and I HAD to ride my bike. I wasn’t leaving the beach until I did. We went and got breakfast much easier this time. I came back and it was windy and I knew I was going to have to cross a bridge and I wasn’t excited. Just as I was gearing up I said something about the bridge, a guy Coop said “oh yeah didn’t you hear about the lady who was run off a bridge like two weeks ago…?” Seriously, not what I needed to hear. I embarked on my journey however and it was a tough first leg out. The wind was blowing directly into my face and it made it really tough. I got to the bridge at the inlet and there was an older guy in front of me just out for a little joy ride. He took his sweet time getting over the bridge and in the midst of that sweet time we got passed by two, not one but TWO rv’s…seriously?! Nonetheless I made it to Bethany and turned around to start heading back. My ride ended up totaling 21 miles and I did it in 1:11…I was stoked. 

After that we just hung around for a bit longer. Everyone at the house was fighting off their hangover but me I felt great! 6:00pm rolled around and we headed out. 
I got back to my buddies house and we were talking with his mom and she asked when my race was. I told her and she said ok I’ll make sure I have off. I said its all the way in Atlantic city, you don’t have to do that! It was an argument…they will be there and I am ecstatic. I wish I could have every single person who is or was important in some way there to give me a high five. I had no idea that they wanted to come and I’m overwhelmed! When I got back to my house, my neighbors from across the street were here. They told me that they were telling their neighbor at the beach about what I am up to. They told me he said he was proud of me for what I was doing. I only met this guy a handful of times but for him to say that is absolutely astonishing.  The race is getting really close and I’m getting nervous and excited all at the same time. 
I’ve been trying to just live everyday the the fullest and not look back on what happened yesterday. Everyday is a new day with new challenges and I don’t even have time to look back on the past. Happy Monday everyone! Have a wonderful week. 
All for now
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