Life is moving fast…

Life as you know it can change drastically, either for good or for bad, right in front of your eyes. If you blink or close your eyes for even a second, you could miss it or be completely off guard when you open your eyes. 

Today is August 27th…my birthday has come and gone right in front of my face. Things are speeding up by the month, day, even minute….
I have worked myself out of the rut I was in last week. I am not back to where I was but I am enjoying my workouts once again as opposed to dreading them. My turning point was last Friday. I worked a long week and a long day but I knew I needed to hit the weights because I skipped on Monday. It was hard and there were times where I wanted to quit but I forged on and felt 100 times better when I finished. Maybe I should just listen to my own advice every once and awhile huh?
Since then I’ve jumped in the pool and gone for a run, both of which felt great. My race is literally right around the corner and the anxiety is building by the day. I am excited, without a doubt and I can’t wait to feel as I did on the day of Broad Street. This race will be much different though. It will have its own challenges, just as the run in May. The transitions, the possibility of a windy bike and of course the dreaded open water swim. I have accepted these challenges though and I can’t wait to take them on!
Today I got to school early and there was no one in the gym. My school brings back dreaded memories of middle school, the warm up exercises we were forced to perform, etc. I looked around to survey the gym. I put my bag and cooler down and everything was quiet, I had a minute to myself to reflect and take it all in. I looked over and saw the pull-up bar. Something so small and so simple, yet something that has haunted me for years and years. As I glanced at the pull-up bar again all the memories of Presidential Fitness testing rushed into my immediate memory. The haunting fleeing of classmates laughing at me, the teacher shaking their head in disgust…everything. I glanced at the bar as I started in its direction. I stood under it, gazing up at it haunting me and I said to myself, not today. I jumped up and grabbed onto the bar. I closed my eyes and just hung for a second. Taking it all in and acknowledging the challenge that I was about to accept. I opened my eyes and pulled upward with all me might. Before I knew it, my eyes were level with the bar and then they gradually made their way above the bar….above the challenge. This may seem small, it may seem petty but to me it was so much more. I overcame something that had haunted me for years. In one moment, maybe 10 seconds at length, I summed up and entire year of hard work. It was such a small step and yet such a large one all in the same breath. 
Tonight I go to sleep conquering one  challenge and being prepared for the next. That of which will occur tomorrow when I take on an open water swim. I am anxious, but again, excited to take this on. This attitude is much different than that of before. In previous situations I would run and avoid these challenges at all costs, yet today I find myself taking them head on. This has taken months and months of hard work. It isn’t something that has happened overnight, however this time around, I want it and I will stop at nothing. 
As always I thank everyone for reading, for the continuous support and love that you give me. I wouldn’t be able to do this without any of it. I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and did something that truly makes them happy. What’s life if you aren’t smiling?  Goodnight world and thank you. 
All for now.  
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

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