Excuse me…Who are you…?

Who are you? Who have you become? What makes you and what defines who you are?

As I find myself standing in front of the mirror of the hotel room…all my things laid out in front of me for tomorrow, I find myself asking these questions.  In a way I do not recognize the person standing there looking back at me.  I am half the person I used to be, but I’m double the person I used to be at the same time.  I don’t recognize some new things that I see but at the same time I love it.

All my things for transitions are laid out and ready to go.  My bag is here, towels shoes, everything.  My bike is on the rack as we speak and it is race time.  I picked up my packet, I got marked (which is starting to come off already and I’m not sure how that will go over tomorrow).  The only thing left to do now is go out and race.  There are so many things from the expo that I want to talk about but I will save that for my post on the race.  My nerves are through the roof right now but at the same time I have calmed down throughout the day.  I have an amazing support system with me through this journey.

The amount of support that I have received already is over whelming.  I have received awesome texts and messages that have been awesome.  It feels incredible knowing you have that many people behind you.  I need to end this post before I say more that I want to save for my post race write up.

I will say thank you for the support and the next time I post, god willing, I WILL be a triathlete.

Much love,
Keep FSU
-Do It For Yourself

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