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Congratulations….for what?

Monday 4am and cue the worst wake up call ever….after an extremely incredible weekend with friends I was rudely awakened by a raging ear ache from out of no where. For whatever reason as of some time last year every once and awhile I’ll get water stuck in my ear from swimming and it will be annoying but I’ll use swim ear stuff and it will go away. Not this, I inew this was something different and I knew I needed to see a doc ASAP. More on that later though. 

I was excited to go to the doc because I knew I hadn’t been there since my journey and they would have an accurate account of my progress. When I got there the woman at the desk finally noticed me and said “oh my god you’ve lost a ton of weight!” I said yes I have and I just gave her a short story and she said congratulations. I was just a little confused.  She didn’t have any idea how far I have come, so why would she say that. 
Normally I wouldn’t even think twice about this, but my mom brought something up recently and it got me thinking…haha go figure. She asked me how it made me feel when people said things like “you look amazing!” She chuckled and said “what because I lost weight I’m all the sudden a different person?!” And she is 100% right. It’s a comment that I have grown to love and hate. I hate it because most people who say it, just say it because they don’t know what else to say. If they knew the WHOLE story and it was heartfelt then I would love it. That’s one of those times I do love it, when it comes from someone who really knows. 
I don’t want to sound like a total ass to those of you who don’t know me all that well because that’s not the case. I love the compliments, but this woman had no idea what I went through to get to where I am. I do appreciate her compliment but I don’t feel as though it was heartfelt. 
Anyway rant over, bottom line I just wish people were either actually truly interested or sometimes didn’t say anything at all. Back to this ear ache…it’s the second speed bump I have hit since the off season started. First I have my foot all jacked up from these stupid k-Swiss shoes. They were marketed as a “stability” shoe.  Little did I know that they were none of the sort. They didn’t have anywhere near the stability I need and it started to cause me pain so I haven’t run in god knows how long. Now on top of that I have this ear infection and I can’t swim. I am stuck in this rut right now and I can’t seem to dig myself out. I am super siked about next season and I can’t wait but I gotta shake this funk and I don’t know how. 
It’s a weird funk, I feel like I am losing old friends yet gaining new ones. I love all of the people that I have met through this amazing new community, I feel like there are some people who don’t understand this new “obsession.”  I never really had a passion before and triathlons and helping people is it now, without a doubt. I am not saying that everyone should jump on board and go crazy and do a tri, I’m just saying I don’t want to lose old friends. Who knows it could just be me, overthinking things.  
Aside from that life is just moving a long here. Student teaching is flying by and I can’t believe I only have a month left of school. It’s my last month of school ever….until I go back for more. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. 
Regardless of what’s going in I thank everyone for the constant support. You guys are my foundation and you keep me going so thank you. I know that I wouldn’t be here without any of you. 
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

It was just supposed to be for fun…I swear!

It was just for fun, not a race, we were just going to run and have a good time….well we were supposed to at least.

It was 5k4Gray at the club.  Nothing huge, just a small local 5k for an amazing foundation.  I was there for Gray and nothing else.  Or so I thought…….I got there around 7:45, registered, got my bib and hung out with some people from work for awhile.  One of the girls joked and said “oh good you made it so at least I will have someone to chase during the run!” I reassured her that there was no way I was going to have a run like I did at my try and there was no need to worry. 

Before I get in to the race itself I want to tell you about the foundation and what the race was for.  There is an amazing family who is a part of the club where I work.  Their son has an inoperable brain tumor and I feel like I have a connection to them, although I have never even introduced myself to the family.  I have supported various different events for them in whatever way I could and when I heard they were doing a run I knew that I would be there.  Like I said I just feel connected to this family for some reason and I will do anything that I can to help them.  When I saw the mom come in with Grayson I immediately wanted to run over and give them all hugs and tell them how excited I was to see them, but instead I just looked from afar.

So as I was standing at the start line I start to chuckle at the people who were running before the race and doing all their crazy stretching…we were just there to have fun!  I did some dynamic stretches, took my spot on the outside edge of front of the start line and waited for the horn.  It blew, I crossed the mat and hit my garmin, we were off.  The course was a route I run literally 3-4 times per week.  I was just cruising along like it was an afternoon run before work.  Before I knew it we hit the first mile mark and I checked the pace.  7:40….uhhhh what? I figured ok let’s just go with it.  We hit the hill on Limestone Rd. and no matter how many times you do that hill… sucks, bottom line.  So this guy was pacing right next to me up the hill and I wasn’t going to let him pass me.  I just kept picking someone in front of me and trying to catch them. Once I caught them I would move on to the next, still keep this guy right on my hip.  I hit the top of the hill and into the neighborhood for the turn around.  I looked to my left, guy was gone, looked to my right, nothing…So I just kept running! The beauty of hills is that once you get to the top, you get to go back down.  I was cruising down the hill, unfortunately there was no one with me coming back but I did get to see all of the people who were going up.  I hit the bottom rounded the corner and headed back into the park, I was on the home stretch!  There was one guy who came out of no where and he hit the gas pedal, I did my best to not let him pass me but there was no stopping it. I looked down at my watch as I hit stop and crossed the finish….I couldn’t believe my eyes….23:17 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

It was just supposed to be a fun easy race and I PR my time like that…I am not sure whether to be upset or excited! It felt great, I definitely pushed it but I loved it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything when I saw my time.

I ended up taking second in my age group and when I went to get my little trophy, the guy who took third was the guy who I lost coming up the big hill.  “Damn maybe I should have stuck with you and I would have done better” This made me chuckle. It was great to see some folks I hadn’t seen before, to have a great run and to support such a wonderful cause for such a great family. 

This is me getting my pint glass for a second place AG finish!

All of us post race, what a great morning!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

It’s Been too long….

Where have the days gone? It is October 1st.  My first race is here and gone. School, work, lessons, planning, training…everything is in full swing and it doesn’t seem to have a brake pedal anywhere to be found. 

Things have been interesting since post race weekend here.  As I said, the school year is in full swing and so balancing teaching and training has been hard.  I wanted to do one more race for this season before I clean and rack the bike but I don’t think that is in the cards.  Balancing time to train in with work and school is tough.  I know this is a taste of things to come but at the same time it will be different.  Trying to find that balance shall be a challenge though.

After the success of the first race, I cannot wait to get to the next and the next and the next.  The entire weekend was absolutely amazing and the support from everyone made it even better.  People have been asking what my goal distance is and where I want to be.  Ultimately I would like to complete a half Ironman, preferably Miami.  Unfortunately there are too many unknowns for me at this point in my life to make a commitment to something that big.  First the cost…My bike is too small and needs work, or I need to get a new one.  It is $300 to register for the race…travel expenses etc.  I also have no idea where I will end up after graduation.  This is ok with me though because I do not want to take things too fast.  I want to take my time and ensure I am prepared and ready for what I am going to do.  I do not want to take too many steps or too big of a step. Next season I step up to an international and then 2015 is a half!

I know I have said it 1,000 times but I can’t thank you all enough for the support I have received on this journey.  Both from long time friends and people who I have never met in my life.  It is incredible and I thank you.  I was talking with a friend a few weekends ago and he said “You know man you are just out there doing your thing.  You didn’t need a pitty party, you didn’t need any crazy products, you put in the hard work and you did it up man.  Keep going!” My man Heem! Such a stand up guy.

As for Atlantic City….call me selfish but I can’t help but be honest and say that I was scanning the entire bike and run course, transition and finish chute for one person.  Not to take ANYTHING away from the incredible people who were there in any way shape or form.  They were incredible throughout the entire race and I’ll never be able to thank them enough.  I was looking for one person in particular though…who never did show….guess something came up, or they just decided not to for personal reasons.  It sucks but hey I can’t do anything about it.

I did have a 5k race last weekend but I will do an entire post on that because it was for a special cause and I have a good bit to say about it.  As for now, it is just swimming, biking, and running.  I can’t wait to get my life back in December when this nonsense is finally over!!  I feel like I just wrote a bunch of fluff but didn’t really say much in this post.  Bottom line is I am having difficult balancing time, can’t keep my head straight and I just want to do another race so bad!  Other than that, my life is boring right now.

I am going to sign off and try and get it together.  Thanks for reading

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

ps. There has been a rule in place for the blog and people ask me why.  If you know me in person, you may not ask questions about any of the posts.  I have no idea who reads this, it does not tell me who the views are from and unless you drop something in the comments, I have no idea that you were ever here.  I appreciate all of the views and love the support, it means the world…There is something to be said about not knowing though.  If I knew who all of my readers were, I would tailor posts dependent upon who was reading them.  I do not want to do this…I want everything to be there out in the open so that people can see, I am just a real, average guy who is doing this.  There will be hardships on the way, however if you keep your eyes on the prize, you will grasp what you are reaching for.  If you have asked me a question already and I answered you, no worries, it probably wasn’t something that was too big of a deal…just FYI 🙂