One day at a time

When things start to go your way there will always be someone who jumps in and tries to mess it up. It’s just part of life and that’s part of the challenge or journey. How you handle those things will be what defines you. Do you accept the challenge and face it or do you turn around and run. Take the easy way out, find another avenue and take it because at that time it’s just easier. If that’s the case, when you look back do you wish you would have not hung up your towel and continued to fight. When it comes to fighting do you fight for something regardless of what’s going on? Or do you turn to something or someone else because it’s more convenient in that moment? Make your choices carefully. 

For me I am still fighting a fight. I look in the mirror and I am still not where I want I want to be. I want to change things more. I want to cut more here, build more there. I feel like this will be a constant battle though and anyone will agree. As for racing I want to race. More and NOW. With wind chills around 15 degrees here though it’s evident that winter is here and it’s time for things to officially move inside, so inside I am. I need to continue to tell myself that race season will come and there will be plenty of warm weather to train outside. 
This past weekend I did 800’s on Friday because I have a 5k coming up and when it comes to running I LOVE the pain when it comes to doing speed work.  When I first started running I was looking at well over 10:00/mile at least and it was a mix of walk jog even before that. Today I can pump out sub 8 with no problem. But I want MORE!! It took me almost a year to get there…it’s going to take time. On Friday when I was done someone asked why I was doing 800’s and I told them I had a race on Thursday that I was shooting to do well in. Their response? “I don’t train for 5k’s I just go out and run sub 22’s and I’m good with that.” Mind you this is a track and field person. Which is fine and I understand people don’t look at races all the same. For me though it’s a race and I want to do well, I always want to do well or better my last time even if it’s a minimal gain….that’s my goal, yours may be different and that’s fine. I just don’t like when people belittle what I am doing. But hey it happens. 
This 5k will be the last of the year with the temps and weather shift. From there everything moves inside. Today I had a nice run inside, some on the track and some on the treadmill. It frustrates me that I can be such a newb when it comes to training still and determining what I should be doing. I am thankful for the people I have in my life though who help me through every step of the way. 

Nike+ report from today. 

And of course it wouldn’t be a run without chocolate milk after!

After my race in AC I was on a bit of a race high still and I decided I wanted to apply to become a part of a team. I thought my journey and solid finish at AC would be enough to just walk on to a team. Unfortunately that was not the case. I have been denied from a few teams already and it was a bit of a reality check. I am not ready for that yet and I got a little too big for my britches. Yes I have a fantastic story but I need more races to prove myself. The one team that I was accepted to made me an offer but unfortunately it’s $135 a month to be apart of their team and right now just isn’t the time. I’m taking it one day at a time though and keeping my hopes high for becoming a member of Wattie Ink. 
I am excited for things that are coming up and I can’t wait to see where this road takes me. I do not post on here daily but if you would like to follow things further I post on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram daily. Links are on the right side of the page. 
Thanks for reading!
All for now. 
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