You had flappy jacks hanging off of there….

It’s Monday December 16 and it’s a day that I will never forget for as long as a live. When I started commuting to school I found a new love…The Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR. They grace the radio waves of the Philadelphia area with their antics weekday mornings from about 6-11am everyday. I remember the first time I tuned in, comedian Todd Glass was on and I literally found myself doubled over in laughter listening to the show and 2 years ago I instantly fell in love.

You may be thinking well what does this have to do with your journey.  Well about a month or so ago they were talking about nutrition. As I heard the conversation I instantly thought of my journey and how my focus on nutrition has fueled my success. I also remembered their segment they do on “not so average listeners” who live in the area. I thought to myself you know I should write in to the show but I brushed it off and thought no way. 
Fast forward a bit and something changed, I don’t know what but I decided to send an email to producer Casey. I have them a short version of my story and told them I would love to share the full story with them in the studio. A few days later I received an email from Kathy asking me to come in. I excitedly agreeded and we set up a date, December 16th I would go in. 
Sunday hit and I couldn’t sleep. I had realized that I would actually be on air and not just in the studio to meet the gang. I also learned that I would be at the mercy of the listeners that day to decider whether I was worthy of the prize of $250. 
I awoke around 5:30 Monday morning and jumped in the shower…I was actually going to do this. I grabbed a cup of coffee and some breakfast before it was time to hit the road. As I was driving in I heard Preston say my name and I was beside myself. I was supposed to be there at 8:00 but thanks to hitting every traffic light on route one I was there a bit after 11. I signed in and sat patiently waiting for them to call me in. Casey popped his head out and called my name…it was time. 
I sat in front of the mic and the music filled my head phones….here we go. Preston cut in and started to talk about me.  My hands were probably twitching at this point. He addressed me and I began telling my story. I went through the highlights of the story and they asked me a few questions just about how I got started etc.  After sharing my story it was up to the listeners to decide. I received a ton of texts and messages from friends saying that they had heard me. It was so incredible knowing that they were listening and supporting me all the way through. 
I hung out for a better portion of the show and then it was time for the results…the listeners had voted and they were very kind to me. 78% of the listeners that day had decided that I was “not so average!” I was thrilled and beside myself and just overwhelmed. After Preston delivered this news he asked me about the inspirational aspect of my story. This was the climax for my visit to the studio. I shared with him and the listeners that to me, the most rewarding aspect is inspiring other people. Helping them see that anyone is capable of doing this, anyone can reach a goal they set, I am just here to show people that. 
This experience was absolutely incredible and I can’t thank the gang at WMMR enough for inviting me on the show. Hugest thanks to Preston, Steve, Casey, Nick, Kathy and Marisa for having me. I also owe Pierre a huge thank you for his kind words after the show. 
Here I am, post show with the whole gang. 
Although I gained 100’s of views on here and Instagram and even gained some more followers, it’s not about that for me. Yes I also won a cash prize thanks to the listeners, but again that isn’t why I went on. I went on to share my story. To show people that YOU can do this. Whether just starting or hitting a plateau after losing 100+ pounds, keep going!! At the end of the day I don’t care about the numbers, I want people to say, because I saw that page, because I saw that picture, I kept going

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support. From the listeners, to my followers and most importantly my friends. One of my friends said in a text today “congratulations man, you deserve it!” THAT is what it’s all about. It’s about supporting one another in order to reach a goal. Today I attained a goal of reaching thousands of listeners and if I inspired  just one of them, then I will sleep happy. Thank you…thank you to all of you. 
This is just the start as one of my friends put it and I am not stopping here. Tomorrow is another day and I plan to do everything I can to inspire those who find this page to keep going. 
All for now. 
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

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