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Stuck on the same PR and you just can’t seem to break it?  Looking to step up to the next distance? New to the sport and you have no idea where to start? That’s what I am here for!  As an IRONMAN Certified Coach I will work with you to not only reach your goals but surpass them.  If you are interested in coaching for triathlon of any distance, please do not hesitate to contact me today so we can start crushing some PR’s!


I will provide athlete centered, structured, progressive plans to athletes of varying abilities and goals.  The athlete comes first and I will work together through multiple forms of communication to ensure the success of the athlete.  You may elect for one on one coaching, group coaching or “just the plan” .  If you are considering endurance sports of any kind but are feeling nervous, please reach out to me and we can have a conversation about it at absolutely no charge.


If you are interested in coaching from Do It For Yourself there are two options available.  Please read below.

Training plan:

10 week sprint/Olympic plan

16 week 70.3/half ironman plan

24 week 140.6/ full ironman plan

Monthly plan

Plan includes:

-Initial phone or email conversation with questionnaire

-Assess future race plan and goals

-Individualized, progressive plan with workouts (including duration, heart rate zone, paces/intensity) Plan is based on availability and goals.

-Very limited communication after plan is established.  You receive the plan and execute it.


Individualized coaching:
10 week sprint/Olympic plan

16 week 70.3/half ironman plan

24 week 140.6/ full ironman plan

Monthly plan (updated weekly)

Coaching includes:

-Initial in person meeting or Skype conversation to discuss goals, training time available, work/family commitments

-Evaluation of past history training/racing/injury

-Individualized plan uploaded weekly or bi-weekly including workout specifics (duration, goals, paces/intensity, heart rate zone)

-Periodic lactate threshold testing

-Feedback on training and racing and how it pertains to goals.

-Weekly and monthly communication by phone, text and skype.


If you are interested in working with Do It For Yourself for coaching please contact ian@thedoitforyourself.com




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