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Back to the Basics

Its no secrete that I have been slacking with this blog. I felt as though I couldn’t “create” enough content for the readers and so it led to me slacking on this blog. I have been following and consuming a lot of content from Gary Vee and Mike Vacanti and I have learned that putting things out there consistently is far better than not putting anything out there at all. So my vow for 2017 is more consistent posting.

So here it goes….

My year this year with tri was busy to say the least. I had some tune up races early in the season and a late peak. I won’t bore you with the details, I have posted race report from the season that you can read up on those.

One thing that has really been lacking, other than my blog posts, is my nutrition. I haven’t been nearly as locked in with it as I used to be and so I decided to start a Facebook group for No Cheat November. I knew I needed to get back on track and this would be the perfect way. The month started and it was back to basics for me. Tracking calories and macros, eating the right foods and cutting out the crap. Yes this means no soft pretzels 3X a week, sometimes more. It was hard at first, I’m not going to lie. I knew I needed to do it and I knew that I could do it, but for some reason, getting rid of this 25-30 pounds that I put on, was harder than when I first started.

I knew what I had to do, it was just bringing myself to do it! So the group was perfect, holding each other accountable. It worked very well and we actually decided to continue the group through the holidays.

When I started the group and the clean up though, I had one thing that I wanted to give a try and I was nervous. Intermittent fasting has always peaked my interest, why I don’t know, I love food but I always thought it was never possible. How on earth could someone skip breakfast and not eat until like 1-2pm?! I decided from the start I would do it on rest day, I would be trying to keep calories low this day anyway and wouldn’t be training so it made sense.

The first time I did it, it was kinda like the first time you take your kid to the doctor, I had no idea what I was in for but once I got there I found out real fast what was going on. The only thing I had from dinner the night before until lunch was black coffee and green tea. In the following weeks, I almost looked forward to the challenge. I knew what I was in for but I was ready for the pain. In some sick twisted way, I am convinced that I just love pain. There is really no other explanation for it to be honest.

Since then I have begun fasting everyday except for days when I know I will be training 2+ hours. It’s something that you think is impossible and then you try it and it’s really not that bad. I usually eat dinner pretty late because I train after work. Dinner is usually between 8-9pm after training. From there its nothing for 16-17 hours except for black coffee, green tea, and water. I was against the idea of gum at first but its negative calories (you burn more chewing than what’s in the gum) so I also have gum from time to time.

Here is the other key, when I break my fast I am not eating burgers and fries and whatever I want like these “trainers” you see on Instagram. I still keep things clean and as always I am conscious of my macros. If it is something that interests you give it a shot!

There are many benefits to intermittent fasting depending on if you can make it work with you schedule. The whole idea of “breaking the fast” in the morning is no longer 100% the only way to go. If you are trying to stay in a calorie deficit and you’re not training this can be difficult. With intermittent fast I typically skip about 500 calories from breakfast and another 200-250 in a snack that I would have mid morning. If you are interested in the more detailed explanation of how this could help you, stop over to Octane Athletics blog and read this article from Blake, he goes in depth on everything you need to know if you want to give it a try!

As far as everything else goes it is just back to the basics for me, thats what this post is all about. Back to black coffee, lots of protein, healthy complex carbs and just getting shit done. Don’t get me wrong I will have plenty of beers through the holiday, pie on Christmas, and everything in between. But then it’s right back on track. That’s the biggest thing I have found so far, is that before when I would have a little slip, the wheels would fall off, now however its back to normal and I am thankful that I can recognize that.

Thank you to everyone who joined the Facebook group and shared your thoughts and journeys for the month of November. I plan to keep it open through the New Year so if you are a reader and you would like to join the link is right here

My attempt to be more consistent with this blog from now on is 1-2 posts per week. I am going to do a reverse bet (shoutout to Mike) and if I don’t do that then I will need to do something that makes me even more uncomfortable. Leave your comments below and share something you plan to do in 2017 that will make you better!

Until next time, all for now.
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Snow, Snow and more freakin SNOW

Take your time, breathe, slow down, it will come when it is time…Ever heard any of this before?  Has it come at a time where you have wanted to hear anything but that?  Some times things happen in order to make you stop and take your time because if you are anything like me, when you want something, you want it NOW.

Winter…..It’s not my favorite time of year, I hate being cold, I hate the snow and most of all I HATE training indoors.  If I could pick up and move somewhere to train outside year round, I would be there in a second.  That being said, I have always made due during the winter months.  I suck it up and jump on a spin bike or treddy until we get a decent day and I can go outside.  It has never been ideal but never has it been like this!  This winter has just been an absolute mess!

               There is a pool under there somewhere…..

That being said, my off season has been just about as messy as this wonderful winter weather.  After the race I kept up my training as if I were going to another race in a few weeks.  That did not fair well for me, my body did not like it and I had to shut things down for about two weeks around Christmas because my IT band was crazy inflamed.  From their things just began to snowball (pun intended) into more injuries.  I have had a locked sacrum, threw out my back, knots, tightness, pain…just about everything you could possibly think of.  None of it has been serious but it is just ANNOYING.   While I was talking with a good friend and my personal athletic trainer last night, he warned me that my body could STILL be getting used to everything that has happened over the past year.   Although that is not what I wanted to hear, the more I thought about it, the more I knew he was probably right.  I practically lost an entire person that I was carrying around and I trained hard for a triathlon.  My body is probably in something just short of shock.  My joints and muscles and everything else are screaming back “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ARE YOU INSANE?!”  As much as I want to jump right in and do an Ironman tomorrow, I know now more than ever that I really need to take my time.

Unfortunately I have learned the hard way that it is very important to train you body and to train your WHOLE body, not just the parts you want to change.  One of the areas that I have neglected the most was my core.  I never dedicated days to working my core and I am paying for it now.  It is called your core for a reason, it holds everything up and you need to take care of it, much more than I have!  I felt myself getting stronger in the pool and on the bike, meanwhile I did not realize I was destroying myself by not following the basics.  Learn from me, train your core and don’t neglect it, you use it way more than you think when swimming, biking and running.

As of now I am nursing myself back to good health, just trying to take it easy, do some light training and keep myself in shape before I really start ramping things up.  Our Youth Tri Club has started and I am coaching the swim sessions which I am super pumped about and having a blast.  Along with the youth I will be helping with the adults, especially when spring arrives(is it ever coming back?) and we begin training in open water.

Just to follow up from last post, I have not shared this page with the adults I have been helping.  For one I am unsure on how to bring it up and so I have just avoided it all together.  On top of that, I have not had a session with them for a few weeks now due to this horrible weather around here.  If anyone has an recommendations on how to do this please feel free to contact me or post a comment here!

All for now
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I don’t post on here on a daily basis but I do on other social media!

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies…

I find myself reflecting as I lay down here in bed.  I find myself going back in time, far back in time.  Not just weeks or months but a few years back.  A time where things were very different, I was very different.  I didn’t have a care in the world, about anything.  I was a teenager, I enjoyed simple things and I loved life.  I was so naive about life, love and the pursuit…..

As I lay here I wish I could go back in time and talk to that person I was.  Tell them(OK maybe scream in my face) that there are bad people in the world, bad things do in fact happen to very good people and yes you can and WILL get screwed.  People are going to talk about you, people are going to look on and judge like they know you when they probably don’t.  There are more bad people than good and there are going to be times where it feels like there is a rain cloud stuck right over your head.  There will be times where it feels like the world is crashing down on your shoulders.  There will be times where it feels like no one understands. There will be times where it feels like people treat you like dirt and you just won’t understand how they can do that.  It was a time where I thought I was on top of the world and nothing could ever possibly happen.  I was very wrong and I think  had I gone in knowing that these things could happen, it would have been different.  Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so out of control so fast, maybe things would be different.  Then again if if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas right….The person I was is not the person who I have become however…

Things are very different now that is for sure.  I am certainly different than I was both inside and out.  I wouldn’t change things for the world.  I have come so far and learned so much over the past year.  Things are turning around and beginning to become different, but it is a good different.  I find myself getting excited about things I would have only dreamed of in the old me.  If I have learned one thing that would sum it all up it would be that nothing is going to be handed to you.  If you want something, you are going to have to go out and get it.  If you sit around and wait for things to happen, it won’t, bottom line.  When you work for something so hard though and you get to where you want to be it is quite possibly the most rewarding feeling in the entire world.  The last thing I learned is that there are going to be people who come and go in your life.  There will be people who come though and never go.  Those people will be there day in and day out.  Those are the people who will ALWAYS be there.  The trick is finding who those people are and hanging on to them for dear life.

If you are reading this, you probably found it via twitter, facebook, or instagram.  We also probably share some of the same interest, from swimming, biking, running, or all three.  Eating healthy or working out to better yourself.  Regardless of why you are reading this I would like to say thank you for one.  People like you are the reason that I can keep going.  Support from people who read and like my posts means everything in the world.  The second and last thing I want to say is that everything isn’t always going to be rainbows and butterflies.  Although I would like it to be, as I am sure you would to, its not.  When things get tough, you have two options, you can throw your hands up in the air, quit, walk away and say screw this I am not doing it anymore.  OR you can step up to the plate, bat in hand and give it your best swing.  If you never try though, you’ll never know whether you could do it or not.  So why not step up and try?  No it is not going to be easy, yes there will be times that suck more than anything, but it’s a fight and when you win that fight you’ll be so happy!  On top of that, you’ll be ready for your next fight and whatever that may be. 

I thank you all for reading and if you are in a place right now where you don’t know if you want to fight or flight, I highly urge you to fight on.  Things will get better and that sun will come up to push that rain cloud away I can promise that.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a productive week!

All for now.
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Tomorrow is my birthday!

August 12th….it is always bittersweet when this day comes around.  It is sweet because it is my birthday, obviously that is exciting as always!  However it always indicates that the end of summer is near.  I am excited for the end of this summer for so many reasons.  I start student teaching in the fall and it means I am in the last stage of college.  It is the final stage, something I have been waiting for, for the longest time.  I know I still have a long road of job hunting after I graduate but it is one step closer to teaching.  The other reason I am excited is because my race is in September as you already may know.  It is what I have been working my tail off for since September of last year and I will finally be put to the test!

 This past week was another one which wasn’t too exciting.  I worked and I trained.  No sailing this week because I took over at my buddies house to babysit his three dogs and they left early so I didn’t want to leave them for that long.  I have continued to lift two days a week and I can definitely feel myself getting stronger in the weight room.  For whatever reason when it came to to my bike and run this week though it was very difficult to get myself going.  I think taking so much time off last week definitely hurt me.  I also did not swim this week, which I don’t like but I will be back in the pool this week, I can promise you that.

My buddy who I am house sitting for was a personal trainer and is still into working out and staying fit.  One morning when I woke up I found an omron machine in the bathroom.  I decided to fire it up and plug in my info and see what it had to say.  I could see the little lines blinking across the bottom and the anticipation was building.  When the numbers popped up I had to rub my eyes and look at it again.  It told me I had 18% body fat.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME 18%!!  I didn’t have one of these machines when I first started so I cannot give you an exact number for where I was, but it had to be somewhere between 25-30%.  I couldn’t believe it…I was beside myself. 

Last week I was talking with a guy Brandon who I work with at my health club.  I used to see Brandon when he would come in to swim when I first started working there and I was super inspired.  I knew he was a triathlete and I knew that, that’s what I wanted to become.  He has definitely been an inspiration throughout this whole thing and he has helped me more than I could ever imagine.  When I was talking to him, I told him that I wanted to get better and faster on my bike.  I am averaging about 15 mph on every ride when I go out but I want to be faster.  I also can feel how I am still a little hesitant when it comes to descending hills.  This is obviously something I need to work on because there are so many hills where I ride.  After talking awhile he said “it will come with time man, don’t worry about it!”  This is so true….I constantly need to remind myself that I have just entered into this new world of triathlons.  I did not run or ride before I started.  I am basically starting from square one and he is right, it will come with time and practice. 

Today I woke up and grabbed some coffee before I went to church.  I knew after church that I needed to do a brick workout.  I was just delaying the inevitable.  I grabbed my water bottles, my Powerbar gel and I was off.  I started my ride and it was hot.  Not nearly as hot as a few rides I have done, but the sun was definitely beating down.  As I was descending one of the first big hills I went to change gears and my chain totally locked up.  I couldn’t pedal and I immediately started freaking out on the inside.  I knew I just had to make it to the bottom of the hill.  When I got there I jumped off and started fooling around with the chain.  For whatever reason it had popped off.  As I said before I am totally new to this and I had to idea what to do.  I was over 6 miles from my car and I have no idea how far I was from home.  I wanted to just call it quits, call my friend to come get me who lives right in the town of Oxford and go home.  I finally figured it out and jumped back on the bike.  I rode some more and as I was descending another hill the same thing happened.  Luckily this time it was easy to fix because I knew what to do.  I popped the chain back on and finished my ride.  It was just over 17 miles.

Strava report from my ride.
When I got back to my car, I popped the wheel off and switched my shoes and started off for my run.  I headed over to the park across from where I parked my car and my legs felt like jello.  For my first mile it felt like I wasn’t even moving.  I got through two miles in around 18 minutes and I knew I had to finish….I had to hit my 5K just for myself.  I was already over an hour into my workout and my legs were dead. In this moment I wanted to quit so bad.  As I was running I thought of a picture that I posted on my instagram last week and it pushed me to keep going.  I finished my 5K and although it wasn’t my fastest time, I some how managed to go 8 min on my last mile!
Strava from my run with my first negative split!
As I said multiple times in this post, I am entering into an entirely new world here.  I am someone who wants things instantaneously.  I see something and I want it right then and there.  I have become better about this on this journey however.  If you go back to previous posts or check out my twitter(ForYourself15) You will see how I have gotten faster since I started running at the end of last year.  I know that I am getting better and better with each training sessions.  I can see my body changing and adapting to everything I have been doing and I am so happy with how far I have come.  I would have never thought when I started that I would be where I am today.  2-3 years ago….HA! I would have never even dreamed of doing what I am doing right now.  Still is it selfish of me to want more, to want to be faster?  No I don’t think so….I have never wanted something quite as bad as this and I can promise you that I will stop at nothing until I get there.
I am not sure how you found this blog but I can tell you that I have found some amazing people through instagram who have been incredibly inspiring.  If you are on there or not on there, you should check it out and find me if you want to put a face with the blogger (doing_it_for_yourself).  People post their story and their progress and it is awesome, I love it!  It is insane how your body responds to the pressure you put on it!  
This week is a busy week coming up, yes tomorrow is my birthday but to me it will just be another day.  I am going to train, I want to swim and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I had a great dinner with family tonight and I am so thankful for them. They have been absolutely amazing through this journey and I would be truly lost without them.  Wishing you all a wonderful week and I hope you enjoy what is left of your summer!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

Glad We Got THAT Out of the Way!

Today is Tuesday, a day I have grown to LOVE for the past 4 summers here.  I have gone sailing every Tuesday night with a very close friend of mine starting 4 summers ago on a lightening and I have grown to love it!

To pick up where I left you last on Friday, I was on my way to the beach.  After my plans were all over the place for a few days, I finally got things nailed down and headed out to the beach for the weekend.  We got there Friday night and just hung around at my friends house for the evening.  Nothing too excited happened and I was totally OK with that.  Just being around great friends and sharing laughs was more than enough for me.

We woke up Saturday morning and my buddy asked if I wanted to go for a run.  I was so happy! I didn’t want to be the only guy who woke up and wanted to go out for a run!  So we laced up and headed out.  He is faster than me by a long shot but I was going for a longer run on Saturday so he agreed to stay with me.  We went for two miles together and then he pealed away and finished up but I continued on.  We were in Lewes, DE and the run was beautiful!  I found a nice little trail and followed it around until I finished up just over 5 miles. 

My little Banner from my run 🙂

When I finished up my run I hit end on my Nike+ app and that annoying yet amazing little notification popped up.  I broke ANOTHER record!  Just 6 short months ago to the date I went for a run around the same neighborhood.  This time I killed that run.  My 5K time was down over 5 minutes and I went for 2 miles further than I did in January.  What an accomplishment!  I was never a runner so I don’t know if this is as huge as I think it is, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

After the run we headed out to Seacrets in OCMD.  I was excited but at the same time I wasn’t.  I am not a huge fan of OCMD, it’s not exactly my kind of crowd but nonetheless my buddy wanted to go their and it was his birthday weekend, so I wasn’t going to rain on his parade.  I ended up having a great time and really enjoyed it.  YES I know before you say it, this is becoming a common theme and I should just continue to not over think things.  Hi have we just met?

This is me, 6 months ago on NYE with my friends girlfriend.
This is me, Saturday, at Seacrets…difference much?!
Holy cow what a DIFFERENCE.  I look at the first picture and don’t even recognize that guy anymore.  When that picture was taken, I had been working out and busting my tail for about 4 months but just couldn’t see a difference.  Through time, hard work, and dedication though I stuck with it and look at the difference now!  I uploaded this picture to facebook and there were a handful of likes and comments but the one that stood out the most read:
I’m so glad you finally posted a picture so everyone can see how great you look! I am so proud of you and happy for you, you inspire so many including me, love you!!
Thank you so much, that really touched me and I can’t even tell you how much it pushed me to keep going on this journey!!
On Sunday I got home and I was messing around with my bike in the garage.  I decided to ride up and down the street a little to see what these new pedals and shoes were all about.  After a few up and down’s I though forget this, I AM GOING ON THE ROAD!  I came home and grabbed my bike shorts and my other gear and I was off!
This ride was different than any ride yet.  For those of you who don’t know Chester County, I’ll just go out on a limb and say it’s a little hilly.  On top of all that I was trying to get used to having my feet attached to my bike.  It was weird at first but I got the hang of it….or so I thought. I rode down to the Y which is around 5 miles give or take from my house.  I turned around in the parking lot and was heading down towards the red light.  I checked for traffic and had to do a double take because I though I saw someone driving down the road who I knew and then it happened….before I knew it, I was laying on the ground. Yes I fell on my bike and the only thing I could do was starting laughing. I said out loud “well at least we got THAT out of the way!” I knew it was bound to happen at some point, I just didn’t think that would be it!  This ride was not my best but I got it done and it is a step to getting used to being in the pedals and shoes. 
Monday was a pretty typical Monday…The weather still stinks here but I have found my self tossing the iron around again and I love it.  I was always more for lifting in the past rather than cardio but that’s just because I was being lazy.  I know love the two and really hope that I can use both to improve myself, both physical and for the performance in my racing.
It is funny for me to look back from time to time on where I used to be and where I am today.  I would have never done the things I am doing today.  I would have given up so long ago but that just isn’t me anymore.  There are so many changes but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  I am so happy that I took the bull by the horns and stuck with it! People laughed at me and made fun of me for so many various reasons but if I listened to them I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have and I am really starting to see that.  I knew what I had to do to ensure success and I did it.  Not for them but for me, for myself, and I am so glad I did.  Whatever you are doing, ask yourself, am I doing this for me or am I doing it for them?  When you find the difference, please contact me and let me know because I want to give you a hug and share how amazing you will truly feel!
Tomorrow is a new day and I will be headed back down to the boat for our annual 3rd of July party.  It is sure to be a good time and I can’t wait.  Looking forward to spending the evening with great friends yet again!  Hopefully I will see you all on the other side of the holiday and I hope you all enjoy it where ever you are!
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself!

When it rains it pours…

If you read my post from yesterday afternoon you would have thought that I was on top of the world. Well just as fast as I went up, I came back down. It’s been a hell of a day that’s for sure. 

It started yesterday when I got home from work. There was a bill from school, which obviously I knew was coming. I have to take two classes this summer so that I can graduate in the fall and pursue my dream of teaching physical education. However, it is going to cost money to go to school in the summer and that isn’t covered by financial aid.  At this point you may be thinking, you’re still young, why not ask your parents for help. You’re right, I am and my family isn’t wealthy by any definition of the word.  Cue more bad news… My father is out of a job right now and I don’t know where I am going to get the money to get these classes out of the way. By taking class that limits my work schedule which in turn limits my income. I have no clue where I’m going to get the money to cover this and it’s causing me sooooo much stress. Not to mention it’s making my schedule for summer a nightmare. 
Just as you thought it ended there, it doesn’t. We got a call last night that my uncle had passed away. So just pile it on. The emotion train is rolling and it ain’t stopping there.  I thought that more people would be here for me during this time, but I think I have gotten a total of 2-3 texts from friends sending their condolences.  I woke up this morning, in a terrible mood and just wanted to put everything behind me and get a solid workout in. Without even thinking I grabbed a bottle and took what I thought was my morning supplements… and then I realized I just took a freaking sleeping pill instead of my supplements that I usually take. Genius right? Yeah I know…
It’s just been one if those days where it feels like if there is something that could go wrong, it did. My heart was literally pounding out of my chest and I needed to get to the gym. I feel at home in the gym but I feel even more at home in the water. I just jumped in and started going. Water is amazing and it cleanses me of everything going on and it’s just me and the water at that moment. It’s funny how it all works. 
After my swim I was still feeling off but I had to go to work. I got there and gathered all my equipment and got my happy face on. Working with kids has taught me that you can’t show them anything but happy and you have to stay on your A game. I’m not saying hide all emotions but you need to leave everything at the door. It’s incredible what children can do for you. As soon as I started they completely changed my mood around. They are AMAZING and I have the best time in the world with them. One of my parents actually came up to me after his son’s lesson and shook my hand. He said “thanks for everything that you’ve done, we really appreciate it.” Talk about an amazing feeling, when you touch the life of a child, you just can’t compare it to anything else. My student gave me an awesome card that he made with a picture of me on it! It was just an irreplaceable moment all around that I really needed. 
My pretty crappy day turned around slightly but I’m just trying to maintain at this point. I gotta find my spot again, that place where I can live care free for awhile.  It is my absolute DREAM to move to California.  I want to live there and teach physical education. I want to have crazy long hair and surf everyday and compete at a competitive level in triathlons. I want to teach parents and students about the importance of being physically active and healthy. I know you’re reading this and I want to thank YOU for bringing this back into the forefront. I will stop at nothing until I reach this goal.  Thanks for letting me vent. Hope y’all had a better day than I did, sure wouldn’t take much. Keep it up and thanks for reading. 
All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself

A little of this and a little of that

So this post will probably take me awhile but I want to make sure to get all the things out there that I have in my head. As you probably already know, there’s a lot going on up there! Haha

So it’s Monday May 20th. I am coming off an awesome weekend away! Had a blast with my buddy all weekend, yeah the same one who left me high and dry on the run! Haha just kidding 😉 I was showered over with compliments and boy did it feel great!  I’m not someone who goes fishing for compliments or needs them just to get through the day. HOWEVER I will have you know, I do love me a good compliment now and again :). Other than that, it was a pretty standard weekend away. A hell of a lot of  NOTHING to do in Chambersburg PA that’s for sure. 
Today is a pretty standard Monday for me, got up and made breakfast. Decided I should probably go green smoothly to detox some of the crap that was in my system. I only cheated twice, but my theory is if you’re going to cheat, ya gotta at least make it count! So I had a big ole burger one night and some chicken wings the other. Nothing too crazy though. I have learned through this little journey that for me if I have a craving for something, I eat it. If I want a cookie I have one, or ice cream or candy, etc. If I deprive myself from things like this then all I do is think about it for the next three or four days.  Cue the downward snowball effect now and next thing you know I’m eating and entire box of cookies as opposed to just eating one when I had the craving for it. As I have said before I’m not the best out there, hell I don’t even know half the things some do, but I have experienced it, I have lived it, so hey maybe I know a little something. 

Here is my delicious smoothie from this morning:

1/3 cup each of avocado, strawberries, and blueberries. 1 green apple and a little bit of water BOOM!

After I devoured this deliciousness I headed out the door to work. I jumped in the car and poked around my radio stations, then comes Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and I about lost it. It’s incredible how one song can take you back to this spot in your life where you were and you feel everything you felt in that moment. I hate it and I love it all at the same time. This song was probably one of the first songs someone said they thought about me when they heard and so they would sing it to me or text me the lyrics, blah blah blah, I won’t sit here and bore you with the details of it. It’s just crazy how the words took me right back to that point. Now why am I telling you about this you may ask?  I am not really sure, I just need to get it off my chest to be honest and this is my outlet for one. For two its the third or fourth time in less than 24 hours something has happened and I’ve immediately thought of…well yeah you can guess by now. 

I guess the other reason I bring this up is because it ties in to what one of the guys said to me this weekeend in a way. If you’ll remember he said “don’t let anything or anyone get in your way!”. When it comes to something like this, something that takes a lot of focus out of you sometimes it can be hard to not let thing get in your way. Especially when you’re talking about feelings. Like I said before I’m taking everything careful but I’m certainly not brushing it under the rug, everything happens for a reason. Along with that I came to the conclusion that with this sport, it is about 10-20% training and probably 80-90% mental. It takes a huge toll on you mentally to stay on track and stay dedicated to what you want. But when you want something as bad as you need to breath you will make it happen!

This weekend was a reminder that I am doing great things and I CANNOT and WILL NOT give up!  The motivation that I got to keep going was incredible and I loved it. I needed it and it was absolutely the perfect push. This game is so mental and when someone gives you that push by showing they care, it amazing. I would love to have the effect that these people have had on me on someone else. That would make me successful. That would be just absolutely amazing. 

Well I am done work and done what I think is everything I had to say so it’s time to pack it in and go hit the road for a little run!  Thanks for reading, come back again 🙂

All for now
Keep FSU and Do It For Yourself